All About MLA Works Cited

MLA stands for Modern Language Association which is an organization that has developed the MLA format or MLA work citation. MLA work citation records all the main aspects or sources from where information and content have been drawn for academic writing.

In other words, an MLA works cited page contains all the sources which were observed and consulted for consuming information to include in the project. When a writer includes information in his project from other sources, it is necessary to share with the reader that the particular information has been drawn from other sources and the proper mentioning of that particular source. This can be done in either of two ways, i.e narrative in-text or parenthetical citation.

Components Of MLA Work Citation

The general components of any MLA citation which are also its core elements, are Author, Title, Container, Version, Number, Other contributors, Publisher, Location, and Date. Regarding MLA citation, mentions three main categories of sources from which writers collect their pieces of information, namely books, web pages or scholarly articles.

The major advantage of using MLA style and creating citation is that it prevents the occurrence of plagiarism. It also helps your reader or instructor to understand more about your writings.  Documenting and citing all the sources become easy with the format of MLA style writing.

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