Disadvantages of the Bitcoin and importance of Bestmixer

Despite the fact that the first cryptocurrency is very popular and its capitalization is huge, there are several disadvantages that users should know. For example, despite the anonymity that lies on the basis of the system, it is not 100% anonymous and needs additional mixing service (like Bestmixer) to provide real safety.

Disadvantages of the cryptocurrency

First, when experts speak about the Bitcoin disadvantages, they highlight big risks. The main virtual currency is not provided with anything, except for the demand of users. If interest falls, then the price of it should fall too. In other matters, the problem with financial security is inherent not only to Bitcoins but to all other cryptocurrencies, which are based on the same principle. However, if talking about the usual currencies, now all of them in the world are not provided with anything too (while earlier they were provided with gold).

Secondly, the serious disadvantage of the system is that the security is on the user’s shoulders. One of the biggest disadvantages of the Bitcoins is the absence of the controlling organization and total decentralization. However, this leads to the fact that in case of happening something extraordinary, users have no one to ask for help. Safety of each user is his own responsibility. For example, to improve their anonymity, experienced users of Bitcoin use bitcoin shuffle to prevent hacking and tracking.

The lack of adequate security against theft in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, losses and other risks should be always taken into account. Since all this is not yet official in many countries, there is a risk of being deceived by some kind of exchange system. Also, do not forget about the threats from viruses that can steal access to the wallet, and etc. And it will be unrealistic to return the money because the laws currently do not provide for refunds of virtual money.

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