Electric Vs. Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

Half of your future success in music is choosing the right guitar at the very beginning. The wrong choice may lead to disappointment and reluctance to play the guitar. So, let’s think about how to get the most suitable option and what things you should think about beforehand.

The music you are going to play

 Your choice of the first guitar is basically the choice of music you wish to play. An electric guitar is a great choice for people who wish to learn metal, punk rock, or classic things like The Beatles or Led Zeppelin. When you look at the guitar and imagine playing by the campfire or some country, an acoustic guitar is going to be your best option.

The peculiarities of the guitars

The acoustic guitar is great because you don’t need to buy a number of extra devices including the amplifier, cables, etc. You just get your favorite instrument and popular guitar sheet music, learn a few techniques, and you are all set.

The electric guitar, on the other hand, has less tension on the strings, which will eventually result in less stress on your fingers. It also provides you with a few sonically options like playing with or without distortions. Such guitar needs more space with all additional equipment. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, just a fact to consider.

All in all, everything leads to your choice and wish. Define what you want to play and narrow down the list of options by choosing the best characteristics.

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