Should you repair or replace a rotted wooden window?

If you live in Chicago, your wooden windows will see lots of various weather conditions throughout the year. This might easily result in some damage, cracks and paint peeling. Although it might seem pretty alluring to replace the old stuff with another wooden or even a plastic model, you should probably try salvaging the original one first. It’s part of your history and it’s so cool to have those old and slightly creaky windows at your place, ain’t it? 

How to repair a rotten window? 

So, whenever you are faced with such a problem, you’ll need to order the services from a rotted window repair team.

These are the guys who specialize in this type of work. They fix the wooden windows all around Chicago day in day out, so you can entrust your window into their knowledgeable hands.

The technicians usually work in pairs, so that they can easily dismantle even the biggest windows. The woodsmiths will determine the root cause for the rotting in just a couple of minutes and then create an action plan, so that they rotting doesn’t persist in the future.

Even if you can see that some parts of the wooden window (for instance, sill, apron, stool, sash or muntins) are damaged irreparably, don’t lose your heart. The professional wooden window repair team will replace them and make sure that your window can be used for many years ahead, bringing a unique rustic feel and improved insulation.

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