The Peculiarities of Investor Visa in the UK

Investor visa has lots of benefits to offer. There is no need to pass the language test, no need to have business experience, etc. You can get permanent residence in 2 years and 3 years later you’ll get the UK passport. Let’s discuss the peculiarities of getting investor visa and the eligibility for the applicants.

Eligibility for the investor visa

In order to get this kind of visa, you need to invest at least £2 million for 5 years in the business that is registered in the UK. The bigger investment sum of £5 or £10 million will help you settle in 3 or 2 years respectively.

Aside from that, you should open the UK bank account for investments and no criminal records for the last 10 years.

The peculiarities of the investor visa

If you wish to get help with this visa, Imperial & Legal is sure to assist you. The company will guide you through the application process and help you make the right investments to qualify for the permanent residence and UK passport.

It’s important to know that you can apply for the visa if you live outside the EEA and Switzerland. In total, it’ll take you about 3 weeks to get this visa but you must apply at least 3 months before the trip.

The fees you pay include 3 types of payments. You’ll have to pay around £1623 for the Tier 1 visa. In addition, you might need to pay healthcare surcharge. If you wish to have a faster decision, you can pay an extra of £500 and get the papers processed within 5 working days.

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