Top 5 reasons people will not follow you on Twitter

Sometimes you wonder: why? Why people are not following you on Twitter.

Here are top 5 reasons:

1. Make sure your Twitter profile is updated and contains descriptive info on who you are and what you do;
2. Your tweets: if all you do is auto-feed your twitter updates, do not engage in conversations [unless you are CNN ..] people most likely will not follow you;
3. Frequency of your tweets – if you very very casual Twitter user – also can be a flag to not follow you;
4. Numbers: correlation of number of people you follow and people follow you. If you have much higher number of people you follow vs people who follow you back – might make people think twice to follow you or not;
5. Overall number of people you follow. If you follow gazillions of people then some people would think you are not selective and just going after numbers of connections.

And of course these 5 reasons applicable in case of complete strangers looking at your Twitter presence and trying to decide to follow you or not.

Feel free to add your thoughts and your considerations!

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