Top Dermal Fillers 2019

A few years ago, in order to be beautiful, a woman had to buy expensive cosmetics or go under the knife. At present the situation has become much simpler. Now you do not need to undergo operations and spend a lot of money. High-quality fillers have appeared on the market, the so-called dermal fillers that make it possible to solve several problems simultaneously. What are the best preparations in 2019? We are going to discuss it in the article.

What is a Filler?

A filler is a preparation that is used for contour plasty procedures. It is introduced under the skin via injections. The effect lasts for a long time. They mainly serve the purpose of combating facial wrinkles. They also cope with cheek and cheekbone augmentation, correction of the chin line and elimination of nasolabial folds.

In What Way Does It Differ from a Cream?

The main distinctive feature is that a filler is injected into the skin, which gives a more pronounced and lasting effect. The composition of the preparations is almost the same. Fillers can provoke side effects. But when they are used competently, there are almost no side effects. Experts are convinced that a cream cannot give the same effect, while the injections effectively distribute the product in the problem areas, and it instantly smoothes uneven areas and fills the inner zone of the skin.

Filler Rating 2019

Currently there are a large number of dermal fillers on the market. They are divided into groups depending on the intended area of application.

For Nasolabial Folds

Neither special gymnastics nor expensive creams, unfortunately, can assist in solving this problem. Therefore, the most effective solution is a filler. Here is a list of the best fillers.

1. Princess Volume. It is notable for the ease of introduction and gives the best and most long lasting effect.

2. Restylane Perlane. Restylane products moisturize the skin perfectly well and have the most quality composition.

3. Belotero BASIC. The preparation maintains a moisture balance and ensures a lasting effect.

For Lip Contour

Plump sensual lips are the dream of every girl. To get such lips, it is recommended to pay attention to the following fillers.

1. Surgiderm 30XP. The preparation has optimum stability and creates a natural and beautiful lip shape.

2. Juvederm Ultra Smile. The preparation is notable for an optimal balance between cost and quality.

3. Dermafill Lips. The preparation is plastic and is easily distributed under the skin.

4. Revolax Deep. When it is used, there is neither edema nor inflammatory process; the effect is the most natural one.

For Cheekbones

So that the cheekbones will be expressive, it is important to select the filler correctly. To solve these problems, the following compositions are suitable.

1. Teosyal Ultimate. The preparation is of perfect quality and is 100% compliant with the international norms and standards.

2. Sculptra. The composition activates the production of collagen and contributes to the effective smoothing of the skin.

3. Aquashine HA. The composition provides effective hydration, due to which the skin looks soft and gentle.

For the Neck and Dcollet

So that the neck and dcollet will be the most well-groomed, it is recommended to use the following products.

1. Radiesse. The preparation is notable for a long-lasting effect and the possibility of instantly restoring the skin.

2. IAL System. This product ensures good prevention of age-related changes.

3. Revofil. It assists in tightening the skin of the face and neck and ensures a lasting effect.

Thus, there are a large number of dermal fillers 2019.

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