Use Perfume Like a Pro and Enjoy the Scent All Day

Sometimes people complain that they have the same perfume as someone else and yet, they need to apply it more often as it doesn’t last as long. There may be a few reasons why it happens. Let’s find out how to apply perfume properly and extend its life on the skin.

3 tips to learn and start using

First of all, you need to find out if it’s just you who can’t feel the fragrance. When you get used to a certain smell, you don’t notice it while people around do, a lot. If it’s not the case, you need to find out whether you apply the perfume properly.

Don’t use it on your clothes or jewelry. It doesn’t stay on you longer because of it and can even cause lots of inconveniences like stains. Use fragrances on your skin, preferably on the pulse points. These are the warmest spots on the body which can heat up the perfume and help it to emanate from your skin.

In addition, it’s wise to get body care products of the same scent as your perfume. You’ll layer the scent using shower gel, body lotion, etc. In case you’ve got no chance to do it, get a fragrance-free cream or lotion at and use it before the perfumes. The truth is that such cream won’t interfere with the composition of your favorite perfume. In addition, hydrated skin will be able to hold the scent longer.

You should also spray your hairbrush with the fragrance before using it. As you move, the hair will leave the light trail of a pleasant aroma.

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