Why I love following celebrities

As women we want to pick the best dresses for the events we attend. Be it your school reunion or a bachellorette’s party for your girlfriend, you want to look stunning. And the world of showbiz gives us what we crave for – the tips on what kinda makeup, dresses and lifestyles are currently in vogue. 

And following celebs and the way they dress, what they talk about, what kinda songs they write or what kinda movies they star in doesn’t make us shallow human beings. It actually helps me open up to more culture and Zeitgeist. 

3 great things I learn from divas

First, following celebrities, I learn what dresses I should wear in order to be in step with the current times. 

Second, I get to hear about socially important topics, like climate change, feminism and politics. 

Third, it’s much more fun to watch movies when it’s your favorite diva starring there, as opposed to some unknown starlettes doing their act.

I like Katy Perry, and I think that her singles like Firework and Roar are some of the best songs I’ve ever heard in my life. I like the way she dresses. It was interesting to see the kind of transformations she’s been going through recently with the tomboy phase.

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