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10 Personalised Gift Ideas for Your Husband’s Birthday

10 Personalised Gift Ideas for Your Husband’s Birthday

How diligently have you been wondering about what to gift your husband for his birthday? If you’ve already gifted him cufflinks, ties, watches, or perfume, then it’s quite possible that you’d run of unique ideas to gift your husband on his birthday. While planning and executing for a birthday can be a little daunting, it is those hidden small surprises that add fun and quirk to each birthdays. Thus, to know how to surprise your husband on his birthday, here are 10 personalised birthday gifts that will set your game right on track.

  1. Photographs tied on balloon strings:

Although it is a basic idea, you can still make it special each time. All you’ll require is a lot of balloons of different colors and a good collection of old Polaroid photographs. To add an extra hint of value, you can also pen a few lines of memory to make it more sentimental.

  1. Personalized cushion:

This one’s easy too! All you need to do is grab a customizable pillow and get an image or a quote printed on it. It could be something like, “home is where my husband is”. You can display it along with a bouquet of his favorite flowers and a cake to get the birthday thrill out in the air.

  1. Give a makeover to his car:

This unique idea must be made keeping your budget in mind. You can begin with the color and then gradually proceed to the interiors. However, if you have a flexible budget then this idea would work the best for you.

  1. Bring him a host of personalised chocolates:

If not the most, chocolates can only make your day. You can get as quirky as you want with chocolates by getting them customized in various shapes. Today, this very process of personalization is made easy by a wide range of delectable personalised chocolates that come packed in beautifully-decorated boxes and are available online. Simply browse through the collection, take you pick and choose the stylized box you want the chocolates packed in and order online. Not only that, it also gives you an option to print an image or make a personalised video along with the chocolate box for enhanced appeal. This will surely set your gift apart from all the rest.

  1. Favorite sporting event tickets:

If your better half is a big sport enthusiast and is passionate about a particular team, you arrange for surprise tickets of the game by calling him on a blind date. To make the occasion a little more exciting, you can request the billboard operator of that stadium to highlight a special message for him during the interval. This idea will definitely be worth the effort.

  1. Newspaper corner:

This will be an out-of-the-box idea but will make a strong and lasting impact on your husband on his birthday. All you need to really do is buy a small slot on the newspaper he enjoys reading every day. Add amazing headlines and taglines along with a personalised picture. He will surely be amazed to see the slot and on reading it would make him feel like a king on that day.

  1. A customized scrapbook:

Well surely the two of you must have shared an amazing time together creating moments each worth a flip. Why not make a customized scrapbook with them? Start by gathering all those old photographs and add them to a scrapbook of your choice. This will surely being a smile on his face just like those times when you both were actually living in the moment.

  1. A basket of surprises:

You might have to plan several days in advance as you’d have to carefully select the items of his choice to truly make his day into a memorable one. Get the items and wrap them using a birthday-themed wrapping paper and tuck them in a decorated gift basket.

  1. Addressing his hobby:

Knowing a hobby your hubby loves is something you should know blindfolded by now. Nothing feels better than gifting someone an item he is obsessed about and makes an ideal birthday gift. The gift you present must be related to what he likes. This way it will make a place in his heart which he will cherish for years to come.

  1. A surprise video:

There are times when a few relatives and friends will not be able to take part in the party you have planned. If that happens, don’t feel pulled down as you can throw him a huge surprise when he least expects it. Contact as many people you know from his friend’s circle that he hasn’t spoken to in years. Inform them about your plan and ask them to shoot a video of them wishing your husband. Compile them in to one video and show it to him on his birthday.


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