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12 Delicious and Loved Christmas Party Food

12 Delicious and Loved Christmas Party Food

Christmas brings togetherness we all know. But food brings smile and satisfaction on the faded faces. Because during Christmas, the workload is at the top. Especially, when you are throwing a big party for Christmas or just getting together, it doesn’t matter. You know, when guests will come they will see your decor, flower arrangement, etc. But when they will exist, they will talk about your food arrangement. It’s not only about Christmas, but it’s also about every party. But, here we are planning for the Christmas party. So today, I will suggest you 12 amazing and most common favorite dishes. I will cover starters, the main course and everything in it. Because Christmas comes in the month of December. We all know December last week is at the top in the cold. So our recipe will be according to it. People will love your dishes a lot, and will definitely thank you for this amazing party.

Before starting the menu of 12 awesome dishes. I want to tell you, a menu is perfect when everything in it, in a balanced way. So when you design the menu, everything should be in it. Before starting the menu, let me tell you Christmas cake is not on this list.

Tomato soup

First, let’s start with the starter. So you can consider tomato soup. Because it is the most common favorite, and in winter people love to have tomato soup. The best thing about this soup is, it is easy to make, and it has a light texture. You can have other soup-like sweet corn soup, Mexican soup, Thai soup, etc. But at least one soup should be on your menu.

Fruit salad

This is also another healthy and light dish. This is very easy to make, and ready to eat. People love it so much. In fact, kids and adults both love it.

Fruit punch

In your Christmas menu, at least one punch is required. You can keep it alcohol-free or with alcohol. It depends on your guest list. You know, just like you send flowers to Delhi with the Christmas wine. When you serve punch to add a flower touch in it.

Cheese ball

Yummy, what to say about this dish. Basically, it is a starter, but whenever I look at it or hear its name. I forget it and start eating like the main course. This is again, kids and adults both favorite dishes.

White sauce pasta

White sauce pasta is one of the most common foods. People love to have it for lunch and dinner. Because it is delicate and quite healthy with a yummy taste. So you can keep it on your menu.


Do I need to tell you about it’s a craze? Means, people love cheese because of this. I am also a big pizza lover. So don’t forget to add a pizza corner in your Christmas party menu. After it is not a nation’s favorite, it is a world’s favorite.


Yes, biryani, how can we forget it. Without yummy, the biryani main course is incomplete. Especially without Chicken biryani. It will add so many stars to the party.

Chocolate muffins or Brownies

I know, Christmas is incomplete without cake. But so many people avoid eating heavy cream cake. Because the new year is not so far, and they have to eat a new year special cake also. So chocolate muffins or brownies will be a celebration for them.

Chocolate balls

Chocolate balls are one of the best kinds of dessert. This means you are eating a delicious heavy dessert, but you will not feel.

Cookie with cream and cherry topping

After all, it is a Christmas so how could it be complete without Christmas cookies. Just like Christmas can’t be complete without cakes. For this, you spend a lot of time to search, the best cake delivery in Bangalore. Without cookies, Christmas is like Santa Claus without a big stomach. So you can serve cookies with a twist of cream and cherry topping.

Chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse is a world-famous love dessert. Means people find reading to have it.

Gajar is halwa

None of the winters is complete without this yum dessert. Gajar is halwa is an all-time Indians’ favorite dessert. So never ever forget it.

So these are 12 delicate and special dishes, for the Christmas party. I tell you, after eating these dishes, your guest will go crazy and lost in these yummy foods. These dishes will make your menu and party lavish, and too delicious. So now go and start preparing, because you don’t have much time, Christmas is not so far.

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