3 Ways Memorial Stones Can Be Customized to Not Forget a Beloved Person!

Saying goodbye to a loved one is one of the hardest things you can do. However, a memorial stone can help you mourn and remember your departed loved ones, months or even years after they pass on. They remain as an everlasting reminder of who the person was and will be remembered for.

Headstones come in all kinds of materials, designs, and sizes, which means that you can always find the stone you want for commemorating a dear one.

You can also customize memorial stones to honor friends or family members in ways you feel are befitting. In this case, you get to decide everything about the headstone, including its shape, look, and message.

If you’re looking for ideas on personalizing your beloved’s memorial stone, below are three ways to do it, or the short way is to click here:

1.  Engrave with Prayers

One great way to customize a memorial stone to show your loved one is always in your thoughts is to engrave a prayer on it. You can use a common prayer that you feel is fit for the occasion. Alternatively, you can come up with a custom prayer that you create just for your loved one.

You can find engraving experts locally to do the job for you at their shop. Or, you could ask them to engrave the prayer on the stone after the burial is done.

2.  Write a Positive, Endearing Message on the Memorial Stone

You can also customize the memorial stone of a dear one by adding a positive message to it. It can be custom words, a poem, a quote, or even a song.

Apart from allowing you to celebrate someone you’ve lost, carving a heartfelt message can also help you deal with the pain so you can heal. A custom gravestone message is also a timeless reminder of who a person was and will give you fond memories every time you visit their grave.

Some places you can seek inspiration include bible verses, books, famous quotes, online sources, and so on.

3.  Add a Photograph, Image, or Drawing

You can personalize your loved one’s headstone even more by adding imagery that reminds you of them. You could, for instance, add the person’s photograph along with the prayer or message.

If you prefer not to engrave their picture, you can have an expert carve out an image of anything you like. It could be flowers, birds, or any other endearing object.

Pay Tribute to Your Loved One by Customizing Their Headstone

Overcoming the pain of losing a friend, partner, or family member is never easy. But you can deal with grief by remembering who they were in life and paying tribute to their memory.

A customized memorial stone is one of the best ways to show that you love and remember them fondly even when they are gone. You can customize the memorial stone any way you like, whether it’s adding a prayer, message/ poem, or image.

Unlike flowers, a headstone is long-lasting and can withstand the elements of nature for a long time to come.