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There is a general misconception that all steroids are unsafe for use when it comes to anabolic steroid use. This erroneous belief is probably spurred by the ever-critical and somewhat ignorant mainstream media machine.


However, the truth is an Anabolic Steroid like any other medication can be both safe and dangerous for use. If an over-the-counter medication like paracetamol or Ibuprofen is misused or abused in some way, then that seemingly harmless drug becomes potentially harmful to one’s health. The same goes for steroids. 


Androgenic-anabolic steroids are designed to offer bodybuilders and other strength-based competitive athletes many bulking and cutting gains if used according to recommended safe cycles and doses. 


The health problems usually encountered by some bodybuilders are often self-inflicted. Before using any anabolic steroid, you should consult a medical practitioner. This is important to review your medical history and know if you have any underlying health concerns that may make using steroids a terrible idea.


But because of the stigma attached to steroid use and because most real steroids can only be obtained on prescription, many bodybuilders tend not to visit their doctors.


The alternative is to seek the assistance of a professional bodybuilding trainer who has a wealth of experience in preparing training bodybuilding programs that incorporate steroids.


These trainers often place bodybuilders on safe steroid cycles and doses at the beginning. This is important as they monitor the reaction of the bodybuilder to the recommended steroids. Several considerations are made when deciding on what steroids to recommend. 


More often than not, the steroids that your trainer would recommend would depend on your gender, age, body mass index (BMI), experience in using steroids, and so on.


Your trainer would also usually start you off on those anabolic steroids that are considered to have mild side effects. These steroids are easy to use but will still provide you with many bodybuilding benefits. 


This guide highlights four (4) of those anabolic steroids considered safe for use significantly for people just starting as amateurs or competitive bodybuilders.


What are the Safest Steroids to take? 


The safest steroids to take all depend on several external and internal factors. Some of the external factors include;


– The mode of administration (for example, oral, subcutaneously, or intramuscularly),


– The known common side effects of the anabolic steroid,


– The cycle duration,


– The cycle dosage,


– The hepatotoxicity of the steroid,


– The post-cycle plan in place (i.e., post-cycle therapy)


The internal factors have to do with the user of the anabolic steroid, and some of these factors include;


– Age, gender


– Bodyweight, and


– The current state of health of the user.


Nevertheless, four anabolic steroids are widely considered the safest steroids to take. These anabolic steroids are; Testosterone (Test), Nandrolone (Deca), Oxandrolone (Anavar), and Boldenone.


Here’s what you need to know about these steroids.


1. Testosterone (Test): 


While everyone has some testosterone level in their bodies, using Testosterone Enanthate (a synthetic form of testosterone) will only serve to provide you with both bulking and cutting bodybuilding gains.


Testosterone enanthate is commonly recommended in testosterone replacement therapy for people with low T levels or transgender men. However, in the world of bodybuilding, the Test is seen as a hugely beneficial anabolic steroid


The Test is administered either subcutaneously 

(I.e. injected just beneath your skin surface) or intramuscularly (i.e., injected into your muscles). This may be a bit disconcerting to newbies, but using a Test is not that difficult with proper training and guidance. 


Testosterone enanthate will help you build lean muscle mass while providing you with extra energy, muscle strength, and stamina. Also, Test will improve your muscle injury recovery time. 


Like all drugs, there are side effects to using testosterone. While these side effects tend to be mild and hardly noticeable to some users, they may appear more pronounced in others. In effect, the severity or otherwise of side effects all depends on the person using the drug.


However, most people experience mild side effects with Tests if they keep to their trainer’s recommended cycle.


Misusing or abusing testosterone enanthate will only result in severe and potentially life-threatening health concerns. But in all, Test is considered by most experienced bodybuilders and seasoned trainers as one of the safest steroids around. 


2. Nandrolone (Deca): 


The second safest anabolic steroid on our list is a drug called Nandrolone, but most bodybuilders know this drug by the trade names of Deca-Durabolin or Durabolin. 


Similar to Test, Deca is administered either intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Though initially used to treat ailments like osteoporosis, anemia, wasting syndrome, and even breast cancer, Deca is often used by bodybuilders running bulking cycles. 


Nandrolone promotes protein synthesis in your muscles which ensures that you grow larger, leaner muscle tissues. Also, Deca will boost your red blood cell count, thereby providing your muscles with oxygenated blood, which enhances your energy levels and provides you with the stamina levels needed to survive intense, regular workouts in the gym. 


Deca also stimulates your appetite, thereby encouraging weight gain. However, like any other drug, Nandrolone has common side effects, one of which is virilization, such as; increased body/facial hair and the deepening or hoarseness of the voice. 


Virilization is a side effect that affects female bodybuilders. Nandrolone has a higher anabolic effect than androgenic effects, so male bodybuilders are less likely to suffer the consequences of feminization, such as; gynecomastia or fluid retention.


Though female bodybuilders are at risk of masculinization, this risk is only heightened if such bodybuilders misuse/abuse the anabolic steroid. Sticking with a recommended steroid cycle and practicing post-cycle therapy before starting another Nandrolone cycle (if needed) are surefire ways to minimize any adverse effects from using the steroid.



3. Oxandrolone (Anavar):


Oxandrolone or better known by the trade name of Anavar, is a popular Anabolic steroids pill for running a bulking cycle. Like Nandrolone, Anavar will also promote protein synthesis in your muscles and subsequently increase your muscle mass.


Along with boosting muscle growth, Anavar will increase your bone density, promote weight gain, strengthen skeletal muscle tissue, and stimulate quick recovery from torn muscles.


Oxandrolone has a powerful anabolic effect while its androgenic effects are weak. In a similar way to Nandrolone, Oxandrolone can cause masculinization side effects in female bodybuilders. However, this all depends on several factors, including; 


– The duration of the cycle (running a longer than usual cycle can be cause for concern and health risk), 


– The dosage administered during a cycle (higher than average doses can increase your propensity to side effects),


– Failure to run post-cycle therapy after a cycle and before beginning another Oxandrolone cycle. 


Though Oxandrolone is available as steroid pills, the drug’s metabolism takes place mainly in your kidneys and not you’re liver. For this reason, Anavar is not as hepatotoxicity as some other anabolic steroids pills and will not cause harm to your liver, except when the steroid is misused. 


Oxandrolone is indeed one of the safest steroid pills around. You can even Buy Anavar Online at major e-pharmacies and steroid e-shops, such as; 


4. Boldenone:


With Boldenone, you have a very safe anabolic steroid that offers you high anabolic effects while its androgenic properties are comparatively low. Boldenone is a bulking steroid that will provide you with significant bodybuilding gains, such as; muscle growth, a more robust bone structure, and increased appetite, which leads to weight gain.  


Boldenone is an anabolic steroid that is administered by injection into your muscles. With low androgenic effects, Boldenone will not transform to estrogen in your body like some other steroids. What this means is that male bodybuilders need not worry about feminization side effects. 


Boldenone is a very safe steroid to use in bodybuilding. Like Test, Anavar, and Deca, it all depends on how you use the anabolic steroid and your present state of health while using the bodybuilding steroids.




Anabolic steroids offer bodybuilders an opportunity to achieve their goals in the shortest possible time frame. However, not all steroids are safe to use, especially over an extended length of time.


Before using any anabolic steroid, it is advisable to consult your doctor and a seasoned bodybuilding trainer. Your doctor would carry out a test to confirm if you are healthy enough to use steroids for your bodybuilding objective, while a trainer would recommend the best training and steroid program for you. 


This being said, the four safest anabolic steroids for male or female bodybuilders are Testosterone or Test, Nandrolone or Deca, Oxandrolone or Anavar, and Boldenone.


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