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Sauces are amazing taste enhancers. These serve to add spiciness, tanginess, or sometimes, a little sweetness to the dishes made bland. Almost in every cuisine famous across the world, the sauces have a special place. Though a handful of cooking experts recommend making sauces at home, the percentage of people depending upon the sauces available in stores is quite high.

The best benefits of store-bought sauces

The store-bought sauces that provide advantages like:

  1. Perfect measurements of ingredients combined and cooked well: Any sauce made in home tastes a little different and may not match the texture of the store-bought alternatives. The secret lies in the perfect combination of ingredients cooked to perfection at manufacturing units of sauces’ brands.
  2. Longer shelf-life due to the use of preservatives
  3. Easy storage as packing provides ample protection from contaminants; the bottles of sauces can be stored in fridges as well for more prolonged use.

8 best store-bought sauces

Listed here are the 8 best sauces that you can pick from stores. These are ready to use and come with instructions on how to employ them in various dishes.

  • Heinz chili sauce

Chili sauce from Heinz carries the tanginess of tomatoes and spiciness of chilies. Thus, this sauce offers the perfect option for people who require hot and sour flavor in their foods. Heinz’s chili sauce stands out in color, taste, and texture. It can be stored in handy dispensers at eating tables. Some people love this spicy dip for the palatability it offers to various dishes.

This Heinz chili sauce offers a delectable dip for:

  • Sandwiches
  • Fritters and cutlets
  • As a taste enhancer in Chinese noodles and rice recipes
  • Some Mexican dishes also get added flavor with this chili sauce
  • Tamari wheat-free soy sauce

Soy sauce is known for adding a distinct sour and tangy taste to the dishes. It gives the best results when used in small quantities as the color of the dish can become brownish or blackish, which may not be a pleasant sight. The best part of Tamari wheat-free soy sauce is that it offers a gluten-free taste-enhancing element for bland dishes. This gluten-free soy sauce is mainly made of rice, salt, water, and soybeans. Its umami flavor works for:

  • Japanese dishes
  • Noodles recipes
  • Rice recipes
  • Soups
  • Peri-Peri Lemon and Herb Sauce

It is a mild sauce that comes with the goodness of herbs. Lemons account for its tangy and sour taste, but none of these flavors are predominant. Its balanced taste makes this sauce a perfect additive for the dishes, which are not very spicy. Peri-peri lemon-and-herbal sauce is suitable for people who use kosher and halal ingredients in the dishes. Some of the traditional recipes where this sauce finds its use are:

  • As a dip for kebabs and cutlets
  • Additive for stir fry rice recipes and biryanis
  • Can be added to curries for a lemony flavor
  • Used for making the filling of vegetable sandwiches
  • Delight Foods Premium Bengali Kasundi

It is a mustard sauce that finds its place in authentic Bengali food. The macher jhol and rice become enriched in taste with this Kasundi made using hygienic preparation processes and organic mustard. This Bengali mustard sauce has a rich, citrus aroma and spicy flavor. Made using 100% natural and organic ingredients, Bengali Kasundi can make the food spicy a notch higher. So, you should consume the same in mild or moderate quantities. Kasundi is best used for:

  • Fish recipes
  • Rice recipes
  • Fish and sea-foods based fritters

It also works as an excellent marinating agent for tendering fishes before grilling or roasting them.

  • Veeba Sriracha Sauce

It is a kind of red chili sauce made tastier with adding garlic. This chili garlic dip is quite spicy and has a distinct sour flavor. Dried red and green chilies and garlic are roasted and ground with little water to make this tasty dip. The makers add specific coloring agents to offer a more colorful look to the recipes. Some of the best uses of Sriracha sauce are:

  • Noodles and rice recipe’s secret spice
  • A side dip for fritters
  • Used as a dip for wanton, fries and chips

It should be consumed in very fewer quantities if you are not a big fan of spicy foods. Also, the presence of garlic can spoil the taste of the food if added in excess.

  • Kissan Schezwan Sauce

Kissan Schezwan Sauce can give a taste-filled makeover to the rice, noodles, and other special dishes like cutlets. This sauce has a distinct chili and garlic flavor that can make bland foods quite delightful to eat. This sauce is made using 100% real vegetables. Thus, you get to enjoy the goodness of vitamins as well as rich taste. Useful for making dips, this sauce goes along with:

  • Momos
  • Chinese bhel
  • Samosa and spring rolls
  • Chips
  • Weikfield green chili sauce

This green chili sauce is suitable for chili lovers. Its spicy flavor is too sharp and so needs caution during use. When you want to enhance distinct spicy taste in the foods, you can use this sauce but in minimal amounts. It has a little pungent flavor, which makes it ideal for:

  • Rice and noodle recipes
  • Biryanis and Pulaos
  • Vegetable curries, in case you do not have green chili at home
  • Aamra Homemade Tomato Garlic Basil Pizza Pasta Sauce

Various modern Indian foods have influences of International cuisines like Italian, Mexican, Thai, and so on. Pizza and pasta are some popular dishes that have a tangier and spicier taste with tomato garlic basil sauce. The best uses of this sauce are in:

  • Fried rice and noodles recipes
  • Sandwiches as spread
  • Dip for momos, cutlets, and fritters
  • Flavoring of pizza base


So, when you shop for the sauces next time, keep these choices mentioned above. These sauces can spice up your food and give a restaurant-like taste at home.







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