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Are Range Hoods Really Necessary in Kitchens?

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In modern or traditional kitchens, range hoods are an essential part of the kitchen as they pass elegance to your kitchen’s finishing. Range hoods facilitate air circulation in your kitchen, removing excess moisture and heat and adding to your kitchen’s beauty.

Range hoods come in different materials, including copper, which is the best material and can be purchased from dealers like CopperSmith. Below are some reasons why you should pick a copper range hood.

Copper Is Durable

Copper is a strong metal that is bound to last a lifetime. It is resistant to dents, scratches, and stains, and when it is scratched, copper range hoods are quickly restored to their original beauty. Scratches that can appear on the surface will often darken with time making them less visible because copper is also known to repair itself.

Flexibility and Beauty

Many kitchens have kitchenware and hardware made from copper, making it easy for CopperSmith hoods to blend in with the existing kitchen décor. The versatility makes them easy to customize to one’s preferred finishing, as they come in different shapes, crown profiles, strap textures, and rivets.

Copper is also a beautiful metal; as it ages, it becomes more interesting because of the patina effect. The copper hood becomes deep brown, green, red, or purple. Copper’s natural aging properties are unique; if you need to retain its original color, you can apply copper wax or a protective coat.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

CopperSmith range hoods are easy to clean as they only require a soft cloth, mild soap, and warm water, then use a towel to dry. Alcohol-based, coarse and abrasive cleaners are discouraged as they damage the surface of the hood.

These range hoods are also non-porous, meaning they do not stain easily; they do not have nooks or cracks for germs and grime to accumulate as they perish within hours of contact with your range hood. Copper’s antibacterial properties ensure that you enjoy the air in your kitchen that is free of harmful particles or odor.

Copper Range Hoods Are Affordability

Range hoods made from copper are affordable and add value to your home. Because copper is durable, one will not incur regular maintenance, repair, or replacement costs. Due to copper’s extraordinary properties, these hoods do not sustain scratches and dents easily, and there will be almost zero need for repairs.  A CopperSmith copper hood is a long-term investment for your kitchen.

Copper Has Health Benefits

Due to copper’s antibacterial properties, it becomes the perfect material for your kitchen range hood. In a kitchen, there are food toxins, and smoke can easily contaminate; therefore, copper range hoods will filter the air as you cook, reducing the risk of food contamination.


Installing a copper range hood in your kitchen is vital as it improves the air quality in your kitchen. The range hood is also easily customized to suit your specific needs and preference. Copper hoods are also eye-catching and will add a dash of elegance and warmth to your kitchen.

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