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Attendance Management Software: 5 Tips To Encourage Your Employees To Be Regular

Attendance Management Software: 5 Tips To Encourage Your Employees To Be Regular

We have a wide array of methods to track the time and attendance of the employees. While some companies do it manually, others use biometric to mark attendance. But the COVID-19 has acutely transformed the way we worked and lived.

And, this transitioning from real to virtual space has come with its own set of challenges, including attendance management. Fortunately, technology has been favoring businesses like never before.

From HR software allowing employees to mark their attendance via phone to payroll software helping HR managers to process salaries in a few clicks, human resources solutions are taking over the business world lately. HROne is one of the best online payroll software India has.

Amid all this chaos, a decline in employee productivity and engagement has been reported from across the world. Let’s face it, employers have a strong entrepreneurial commitment to their business that keeps them motivated in every circumstance. But no company can expect the same level of commitment from their employees.

Especially, now when we are quarantined and our lifestyles have been altered to mitigate the health crisis and for survival. All these changes are too much to handle. As a result, most employees end up taking extra leaves.

This is the time when every company needs its people the most. In order to maintain their productivity levels and motivate them to be regular,

Here are five amazing tips you can practice:

Don’t burden them

The ongoing pandemic has increased the routine tasks of every employee. According to studies, employees spent 1/3rd of a day during WFH, which means they are working extra. In this case, companies should act responsibly and try not to submerge them with the workload. 

Instead, employers should build a relaxed and engaging work environment, where no individual would feel frustrated.

Always remember, a pleasant atmosphere will increase eagerness in employees to work daily, particularly during this tough time.

Acknowledge Their Hard Work

“If you don’t show appreciation to those who deserve it, they will learn to stop doing things you appreciate.”

We all love that pat on our back moment when we work hard for something or someone. This is indeed a challenging time, and we can make it through only if we collaborate hand-in-hand.

If an employee puts his/her best effort into a project, do not hesitate to congratulate them. And, if reaching out to each employee seems time-consuming, rely on HR and attendance management software.

Such software factors in several amazing features, such as badges, rewards, and more. It won’t take much of your time to badge a person who worked the whole night for a presentation.

Reward Them

A “keep it up” may not work all the time. Even research has stated that rewarding engages individuals and helps them to stay productive. So, rewarding can be an effective way to bring back employees to the track.

From incentives to an extra day off, employers can choose anything as a reward. Also, it is equally important to pick the right reward for the right individual.

Build Up A Healthy Competition

There’s nothing wrong with having a competitive workforce. In fact, it is a great approach to maintain the productivity levels of employees in the long run.

Therefore, HR managers and employers should help their people to have competition among themselves. At the same, supervisors should also make sure that the competition is healthy enough. The whole goal here is to enhance camaraderie and productivity along the way and not to create conflicts.

Communicate To Them

Out of all the tips on this list, this is undoubtedly the most straightforward one. But today, it is not that simple to get in touch with everyone. 

Thankfully, we have a solution to this problem as well. Go for a top-notch HR and attendance management software.

It is a one-stop solution for all your WFH problems. It is allowing hundreds and thousands of companies in India to stay connected. Remember, WFH or no WFH, communication, and collaboration are essential.

When employees have a medium to reach out to their colleagues and managers, they won’t feel alone at their home. Using the right software, managers can have a daily meeting with their team, know their problems, discuss new ideas, and whatnot.

Need to mention, HR managers can make important announcements and even track employees’ moods on an everyday basis, using such software.

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We hope this blog helped you to understand how to help your employees to be regular during WFH. Like an old saying, “A great employee is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have!” Henceforth, do everything possible to encourage your workforce. So, it is time for you to invest in one of the best HR and attendance management software for your company. It will not just help you during this crisis but also once everything gets back to normal.


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