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Bangle Boxes-How Packaging Exist?

Richly designed bangle boxes are mostly the reason to bring a smile on the shopper’s face when placed expressively on retail aisles. Bangles are never publicized, and hardly do you ever find any promotional campaigns going on for bangle items. These boxes are the only source of raising awareness among the buyers about the type or style of bangles that they carry. They are made from cardboard with ample display areas that reflect the actual beauty of the bangles packaged inside of them. This reduces the risk factor of the breakage of bangles as the customers can visualize what they look like without opening their package. While people might only focus on the appearance of the packaging and its different aspects, there are reasons why they are there in the first place. There are underlying necessities due to which bangle packaging exists. To understand them, one has to look into the details:

For Protection

Protection is one of the most important reasons for the development of custom printed jewelry boxes. Every jewelry item in general, and bangles in particular, require effective protection. That is because they are fragile and easily breakable, which makes them susceptible to a lot of harmful effects coming from the surroundings. For instance, heat can destroy the embellishment coatings on bangles. Similarly, moisture is also a well-known culprit for causing severe damage to jewelry items. All of these factors cause serious harm to bangles. That is why the need for bangle boxes was felt. Similarly, over time, different layers have been manufactured for adding to the already available packaging security. For instance, a particular UV layer can be used not only to keep packaging safe from harmful UV rays, but also from smudges and scratches, the nuisances that packaging has to bear otherwise.

Safe Shipping

Protection is incomplete if it cannot ensure that the product is protected during shipping too. Hence, brands thought about using a bangle storage box that would keep bangles safe when they were transported from one place to another. They used materials that would ensure the highest levels of security without having to spend huge amounts of money. They have used strong materials such as cardboard, which have time and again proven their worth and efficacy.

For Marketing

While protection was then a basic motive for manufacturing bangle packaging, the idea that it could also affect marketing prospects for a jewelry brand has always been influential in marketing strategies. It is known how important it is for a brand to display its products in a way that makes customers buy their products without thinking or waiting too much. This marketing strategy has a whole psychological aspect involved. Customers, after entering a store, are more inclined towards buying products that they might not even have thought about before or might not have been keen on purchasing. But once they are in there, their decisions can be impacted by a brand’s impactful display of its products. This elegance of display is powerful enough to trigger an emotional response from consumers who then buy the product without thinking twice. Needless to say that this strategy has been highly influential and successful for numerous brands.

Through Packaging Designs

Several bangle box designs have been manufactured that promise great returns for jewelry brands. These designs are time-tested and proven to improve a brand’s sales. Bangle packaging has long been developed, taking these designs into account because the need to attract customers is always paramount. Customers have been attracted to these designs for years. For instance, the rigid boxes have been popular for bangles because it displays them beautifully. People can see their favorite bangles in stores without any effort and then decide to purchase them. There are some other designs, such as the handle one, which adds an element of luxury and is highly sought after by many customers.

Through Colors

The color schemes used on packaging have always been instrumental in making a brand appear more elegant and unique in the public’s eyes. Colors employed for packaging can convert different messages effectively. In the case of bangles, the colors used on their packaging traditionally have been bright and punchy, which complement the nature of bangles because they are colorful too.  

Through the Message

The packaging is important for protection and display, but it also has a deeper meaning to it. It is a silent yet powerful ambassador for a brand. When products are sent to the retail stores, they are the sole representation of a company there. Hence, the packaging used for them can be a powerful indicator of a brand’s standing. The fonts printed on the packaging means much more than just a visual delight. It also expresses what a brand essentially wants to convey to its consumers. The messages printed on packaging can either be deal-makers or deal-breakers for customers. Jewelry packaging, in general, and bangle packaging, in particular, need effective packaging that truly conveys the values of a brand.

For Gifts

One cannot talk about bangles and not mention gifts. For years, they have been the go-to gifting options for so many people. Hence, bracelet gift boxes were developed especially for this purpose. They are exquisite and beautiful. The printing done on them is elegant enough to mesmerize anyone. Their positive effect on the recipient is hard to understand. They are strong yet affordable; hence everyone can benefit from their quality. Bangle packaging has seen significant evolution since it was first introduced. But the basic, and the most fundamental, purposes of it are still the ones that are the most important. Its existence is mainly due to the fact that it provides protection to fragile bangles, and some critical elements of marketing have also now been added into it, making it a perfect performer in the market.

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