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Benefits you Can Avail with a Domestic Travel Insurance Cover

Benefits you Can Avail with a Domestic Travel Insurance Cover

According to recent reports, the annual rate of domestic travellers in India has increased by 11.9% as compared to 2019. While vacations open avenues for several experiences and adventures, they also come with multiple travel risks. Unforeseen incidents like loss of baggage during travel, accidental injury, trip cancellations, etc. can be the cause of disappointment during such trips while resulting in significant financial losses.

Availing a domestic travel insurance plan, thus not only covers financial losses arising out of such risks but also brings peace of mind. These policies offer extensive coverage, from emergency cash assistance while stranded to high-value coverage against personal accidents.

Benefits of domestic travel insurance policies

A travel insurance plan extends coverage benefits that help tackle unforeseen situations while compensating for various financial losses.

Some of the best insurance providers also extend emergency services with a domestic travel insurance plan to ensure the insured enjoys a hassle-free and convenient trip.

  • Emergency support during vehicle breakdown

While on a road trip, an individual can face situations like car breakdown midway. As travelling to unknown locations does not come with the security of nearby garages for vehicle repair under such circumstances, a domestic travel insurance policy provides coverage for it.

Travel insurance plans like Domestic Holiday Cover offered by Bajaj Finserv under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions come with such coverage benefits offered across 700 locations in India.

You can also reach out to them for emergency fuel assistance, with a limit of 5 litres for four-wheelers and 2 litres for two-wheelers.

  • Emergency travel support

While going for a tour, one might come across situations like loss of wallet and baggage, thus leaving them with no cash. In such a scenario, a domestic holiday cover can be of the much-needed help. You can avail emergency cash assistance amounting up to Rs.50,000 under such circumstances as coverage benefit. You need to repay the cash so availed within 28 days from when you availed it.

As trips like a family tour also leave your house exposed to threats like burglary or theft, you can complement the travel coverage with a home protection insurance policy. Such plans protect the insured against financial losses arising out of thefts or burglary at their registered premise while they are away.

  • Complimentary coverage of high value

Domestic travel insurance policies also come with high-value complimentary benefits with extensive coverage. In the case of loss of baggage, trip cancellation, personal accident, hospitalization due to accident, etc., you can claim benefits of up to Rs.3 lakh as financial coverage for losses sustained.

These plans thus provide an all-rounded safeguard while on a domestic trip.

  • 24×7 card blocking facility

Losing a wallet also comes with risks of losing essential documents like PAN card, Aadhaar card, etc. These insurance plans thus offer features like one-call card blocking services at any time of the day.

Such coverages accompany a replacement facility for PAN card so that you do not have to go through the hassle of re-applying.

To enjoy wider benefits in the case of wallet loss, you can also avail plans like wallet care. They are available against a nominal premium payment and offer extensive coverage.

These are some of the benefits one can gain after availing a domestic travel insurance policy. You must also make sure to check the exclusions before availing such a plan to maximize accompanying benefits.

It is ideal to avail such insurance policy to safeguard yourself against monetary losses while travelling. All you need to do is pay a nominal premium to purchase the plan. Make sure to compare insurance providers to arrive at the best plan offering the benefits mentioned above.

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