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Best Parental Control App for Android 2020 – TheOneSpy

Almost 80% of mobile users have Android OS because of its convenient functions and a variety of tools. Most children use their parents’ Android phones to play games, chat with friends, use social media accounts or watch videos. Sometimes, a kid becomes a victim of online crimes or addicted to the smartphone. In such situations, parents feel helpless and couldn’t find a way to protect their loved ones.

Well! you need to move forward with time. It is the need of time to technically cope with such digital problems. Spy technology gives the ultimate solution to parents in the form of parental control apps. Spy apps empower the parents to get access to their kid’s activities that they performed secretly from parents.

TheOneSpy is the leading spy app in 202. It has been serving millions of parents for many years and has become the 1st preference of upcoming parents as well. How does TOS facilitate parents, we are going to discuss parental control app in detail.

TheOneSpy Best Parental Control App in 2020

TheOneSpy is the most powerful monitoring tool, which especially provides innovative featured based spy app to parents. It performs all easy and difficult tasks reliably and efficiently in real-time. TOS also gives a guarantee of keeping user’s identity secret and perform stealth operations perfectly. It allows the parents to set mighty alarms to get aware of their kids’ unsafe/harmful acts and interests.

Surveillance means not only to be aware of kids’ unethical or secret things, but it also comes closer to the parents to kids as parents get to know what their kids want. Besides that, if you are uneducated, and that’s why losing hope, so don’t worry. TOS user-friendly tools are for your convenience, as you can easily go with TOS only by having basic mobile operating knowledge.

Advanced Tracking Tools of TOS for Children Monitoring

If you are tired of keeping an eye on your children all the time, then TOS is actually for you is to relieve your worries. Let’s have a look at TOS’s popular tracking tools and their advantage to parents.

  • If you want to know what’s going around your kid, you can activate a live 360 camera viewer to view live surroundings.
  • You can use Geo-Fencing to set alerts on unsafe and safe places for kids.
  • If you are a working man and have not enough time to monitor your kid phone all day. Then you need to send command of automatically mobile Screen recording.
  • To listen to live phone calls and to track all incoming/outgoing text messages, you need to activate the call and message Tracker tool.
  • If you are in gathering or outside, you can activate a live 360 surrounding recorder to listen to live voices.

Compatibility of TOS Android App

TheOneSpy Android app supports all Android versions to date. It includes Android 5.0, 5.1.1, 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 8.0, 8.1, 9.0, 9.1 and 10 as well.

Another amazing thing about the TOS Android app is that it conveniently runs on all models of the Android phone, whether it’s Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Huawei, or others.

Pricing and Packages of the TOS Android App

TheOneSpy offers three different packages comprising different features. These are Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Android Packages. Each package offers two packs; One is XLite Edition, and the other is Premium Edition. Let’s have a look at TOS all three packages and the pricing of their plans.

TOS XLite Edition and different packages Pricing

  • The monthly pack price is $25.
  • The quarterly pack price is $15.
  • The yearly pack price is $6.25.

TOS Premium Edition and Different Packages Pricing

  • The monthly pack price is $50.
  • The quarterly pack price is $28.
  • The yearly pack price is $12.5.


It turns out that the TOS Android parental control app is perfect for parents to control their children’s activities in 2020. It enables the parents to control their interests, disputes or other issues only by blocking, deleting or monitoring their suspicious contact and activities.

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