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How to Track Your Kid’s iPhone With Just Number

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Since when the technology has advanced there are many tracking apps out there that help people in getting to know about the spied iPhone activities. Users can find out about all the things that are happening on the spied iOS apart from the fact that they have tight security. 

If you want to keep an eye on your kid and all the activities that are happening on his or her phone then you need to try out a tracking device that helps you in getting to know about the target device’s information completely. 

Spyine as a Mobile Phone Tracker

By using Spyine, users can track an iphone by number online as it is really simple these days. All those people who are looking forward to some good solution should see this post as it has everything that one needs to know about the target device.

As the application is user-friendly so you can make it work for all kinds of OS. it works fine for iOS as well as for Android. For iOS you need to add the iCloud account details and for android you are supposed to install the app in the target device initially and allow it to run in the background. 

Spyine consists of a really small size, doesn’t drain the battery and takes a very little space in the phone so we can say there are 0% chances of you being caught for tracking anyone’s phone. As it functions in stealth-mode so we can say that it is safe to use for all kinds of activities.

Most trackers ask you to jailbreak or root the phone first in order to use the app but when it comes to Spyine there is no need to do anything like that as it works without these features. Rooting and jailbreaking are really complex in nature and not many people are capable of doing that. 

Plus it takes a lot of time, energy and technical knowledge to make the app work. Not many people are equipped with all these perks so it is better to go for a simpler solution and try out Spyine. This application is 100% real and will give you the best results. 

It’s web-based interface allows you to run the app with all kinds of browsers because of it’s friendly in-built system. There is no need to be worried about any of this as you can use your already existed browser to utilize the application. 

As you need to track the cell phone of your child so here you are supposed to mark a few boundaries on the map from where you will track the spied iPhone. Now whenever the device will cross those marked places you will receive an alert and will get to know where the device is at. 

This feature is called geofence. It doesn’t only tell you about the current location of the spied device but also let you know about the old ones. Through that you don’t have to make your kids mad at you and can easily find out where they are. 

The customer support team is really good as they are always ready to guide you regarding your issues. You can contact them at any hour of the day or night. They will guide you till the end to fix the issue. 

From the official website you can gain access to the various subscription plans and pick the one that suits you the best. Go for the one that you think comes up to the level of your tracking needs and try that out. Before that you can also go for a one month free trial of the app to use it and ensure whether this is the application you need.

After confirmation you can move to the paid subscription plan according to your need. There is a live demo option on the site so you can watch it also to understand about the features of the application according to your usage. 

People who need to know about their kids’ spied iPhone’s activities can do it with the help of Spyine. You can read text messages, see chats, keep track of call logs and see browser history, see pictures, videos, check contact numbers and names, see social media accounts and get to know a lot more. 

You can also see the deleted information from all the social media accounts whenever you need to. All the passwords will also be revealed with the help of this application because of the feature named keylogger that keeps track of all the keystrokes that are being made on the target device.

The best thing about this application is to do all the work remotely as there is no need to stay close to the target device or even touch it in anyway. The application functions without physically touching the device and makes it work from a safe distance. 

All those people who are wondering whether the app is real or not should go for it without having any second thoughts as the application is 100% legal. Unlike many other spy apps it doesn’t save any data against you and use it later. There are some applications who save information and use it later. 

If you are looking forward to something reliable and easy to deal with then there is no other option better than going for Spyine. The application makes sure that everything runs smoothly and you don’t have to be concerned about it. 

Using Spyine to Track an iPhone

Step 1: As the first step just go over to the official Spyine website and sign up for an account. Give the email id that is still in your usage.

Step 2: Just purchase a Spyine monthly subscription and select the OS of your kid’s phone that you want to track as in this case you want to go for iOS.

Step 3: Here just add the device’s iCloud details on the screen. This process will take some time based on the amount of information you want to draw out, so wait for some time till the app syncs with the iPhone or iPad. 

Step 4: At the end now you will see that you have installed Spyine so you just want to log in to the app’s dashboard from your PC or smartphone. The dashboard offers you an overview of the device activity. From here you can begin tracking your child’s device or use the app for other purposes. 


Just go for the above mentioned app as we hope there is no other better option except going for this one. We hope that you would like to go for it and can use this application in the best way possible. You can try that out and let us know about your experience with this amazing tracking device.

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