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Iphones And Their Unique Features That Only Iphone Users Can Enjoy

Iphones And Their Unique Features That Only Iphone Users Can Enjoy

Apple has become one of the largest Silicon Valley-based tech giants, with more than 1.4 billion of its devices being used by billions of people worldwide. Since the first iPhone was released in 2007, Apple has been setting the electronics industry standards with its state of the art devices and working towards best cell phone insurance policy as well.

Last year Apple had generated over 260.5 billion dollars proving itself to be the best in the industry. In September 2019, Apple released its iPhone 11, which sold over 19.5 million units across the world, which is about 6 million more units than the previously launched iPhone XR.

Top Features of iPhone to Know About

But even when Apple is generating such massive revenues, the age-old debate continues to find out if the iOS or the Android is better than the other. But for those who aren’t part of the Apple environment, here’s a list of unique features and privileges only the iPhone users can enjoy.

  1. The App Store has a better collection

Apps posted on Apple’s App Store create more money for the developers than their equivalents on the Play Store. For the same reason, developers prefer using iOS to launch their new applications over the Play Store.

A research conducted by Infinium stated that android apps take 28 percent longer to develop than it’s iOS equivalent. It is because they contain 38 percent more code than their iOS equivalent to do the same task.

Even though both Android and iOS users have access to the most popular apps like Facebook or Snapchat, the iOS users are usually the first to avail of the new updates.

  1. The OS updates for all

Whenever Apple creates a new update, it is made sure that it gets installed on every device across the globe may it be an iPhone or an iPad. Since Apple has the key to launching these updates, there aren’t any means of intervention from mobile manufacturers or carriers.

The timely updates also help in fixing any underlying bugs or errors in the previously launched updates. This plays a crucial role in maintaining harmony in the iOS environment. But the same can’t be said for Android. When Google released the Marshmallow OS in September 2015, it wasn’t available to all the devices until February 2016.

  1. iPhones have better security

There’s no debate when it comes to the iPhone’s data security features. Given the iOS platform is impregnable, it is by far better than Android. Pulse Secure stated in their Mobile Threat Report in 2015 that approximately 97% of the malware written is targeted towards Android.

Another report released by the United States Department of Homeland Security stated that only 0.7 percent of the malware threats could affect iPhone users worldwide. One of the biggest reasons for this flawed ratio is that Android users do not avail of the newest OS updates on time.

The underlying bugs and errors give hackers enough advantage to break into the system. Since most of the population across the globe use Android phones, it makes it more appealing to cyber scammers to prey on its users.

  1. Always incubating new tech

Apple has always prioritized incubating new technologies in its products. The company introduced the Touch ID sensor incorporated in its iPhone 5s. Apart from the latest technologies, Apple also has launched separate insurance for its users. iOS users can avail of the iPhone insurance for their devices in case of any breakage or loss, and experts have claimed on numerous occasions that it has to be one of the best cell phone insurance across the globe.

Since Apple has its own environment; they don’t face any intervention from the manufacturers. But in the case of Android, the manufacturers themselves have to incubate such updates on their devices for the users to avail them. Apple’s lightning cable is by far better than the Android’s micro USB. The lightning cable can support 12 or more watts while the micro USB can only support 9 watts.

The Final Note

Although the debate for the better OS will continue for the ages to come, one cannot disagree that certain privileges are reserved only for the iOS users. iOS has been setting benchmarks for its competitors to reach while it continues to incubate cutting edge tech into their devices, keeping it’s users at the edge of their seats while they wait for the next method.

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