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Let’s Talk About the State Of Hair Before and After Applying Coconut Oil

Let’s Talk About the State Of Hair Before and After Applying Coconut Oil

Historically, coconut oil has been in use for thousands of years for beauty, hair, and health. But, that hasn’t deterred people from giving a lot of bad press to this time-tested miracle oil.

In the recent past, coconut oil received a lot of backlash due to its saturated fat content. In reality, this unique structure of the oil makes enhances the absorption of the essential nutrients. Packed with a lot of nutritional properties, this oil is not just good for your skin and health, but also your hair.

Don’t believe that coconut oil is actually the miracle oil that your grandmother referred to? Since today millennials only believe the things said by Instagram influencers or celebrities, you might be interested to know about Lauren Conrad’s experience with coconut oil. She is a New York Times bestselling author, television personality and fashion designer, and she is obsessed with coconut oil. She applied coconut oil on her hair once a week for an entire month and was surprised to find that her hair wasn’t as oily as she expected it to be once she washed the oil off with her regular shampoo. What’s more, she noticed that every week that she applied coconut oil, her hair felt hydrated and thicker. By the fourth week, her hair felt stronger, shinier and softer.

Does coconut hair oil have your attention now? You’ve ignored this amazing elixir of an oil for far too long and used chemical-infused hair oils that come in shiny bottled, backed by shinier TV ads. But, these really expensive hair care products aren’t working. Are they?

Let’s first explore why coconut hair oil works and then we can move on to how to apply this oil for the best results.

Why Coconut Oil Works For Hair?

Coconut oil works on all types of hair. It doesn’t matter if you have dry, frizzy, thin or sensitive hair. Just take a few drops of this oil and see the texture of your hair changing within a month. Here’s why.

  • The lauric acid present in the oil has a low molecular weight. This allows the oil to truly penetrate the hair shaft and nourish the hair with vitamins, medium-chain fatty acids and minerals.
  • Being rich in anti-oxidants, coconut oil gives a healthy boost to dry or unmanageable hair
  • The presence of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties makes this oil perfect to combat hair problems like, dandruff and lice
  • Last, but not least, coconut oil is natural and doesn’t have any of those harmful toxins and chemicals that can damage your hair. This is a chemical-free alternative to the products that you are using right now. It even works as a leave-in conditioner.

How To Use Coconut Hair Oil To Get The Best Results?

Is the cold winter air making your hair coarse and dry? Or, is it the excessive hairstyling that has caused your hair to lose its hydration? Whatever the reason, trying out a coconut oil treatment for a month could do the trick to restore and hydrate your hair.

  • Application Of Coconut Oil To The Hair Ends

Slathering coconut oil on your hair is not going to get messy. Actually, applying coconut oil is a lot easier than what you would’ve thought. You can just take a few drops on your palm and apply it through your hair using your fingers. Make sure to work your way through your entire hair and toward the ends. Once your hair is fully covered with oil, massage the scalp and roots of your hair for a few minutes. You can even ask your mother or roommate to give you a relaxing head massage (if they agree!).

  • Applying Oil To The Driest Parts Of The Hair More Than The Healthiest

The best way to properly coat your hair is to start by applying the coconut oil for hair to manageable sections of your hair to make sure that every strand is coated. Also, apply more oil to the strands that are the most damaged and driest, and less where your hair is the healthiest. In case your hair is already oily, you can skip the scalp so that the oil doesn’t end up weighing down your hair.

  • Applying As A Conditioner After Shampoo

You can swap out your conditioner for coconut oil. It can help to prevent breakage and strengthen the hair shaft. You can even add a few drops of oil to your regular conditioner to boost its smoothening power.

How Long Should You Let Coconut Oil Sit On Your Hair?

Nunzio Saviano, the owner of Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York, recommends that coconut oil should be allowed to sit on the hair for about 20 to 30 minutes after you have applied. You can also leave it longer if you have very porous or dry hair. To increase the effectiveness of the oil, you can use it as an overnight hair mask and sleep with a shower cap. You can even wrap a hot towel around your head for a few minutes so that the cuticles open up and the oil is able to penetrate deeper.

Through the application of this oil continuously for 4 weeks, you will make your hair appear shinier, stronger and healthier. It is going to nourish your scalp, prevent hair damage and reduce hair breakage. Your hair is going to feel less brittle and it won’t be frizzy. It is going to protect your hair from the cold winter air and make your hair feel extremely soft and amazing.

So, now that you know the coconut oil benefits for hair, it is time to start using this oil. Always keep it around because it’ll give you the best-looking hair with minimal effort and zero chemical damage. Once you have hair that you love, your confidence will skyrocket and you will rock any attire or fashion, irrespective of the season.

Have you tried coconut hair oil? Try and see the before and after difference. Happy oiling!

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