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Tips on How To Care for Women’s Skinny Jeans

Tips on How To Care for Women’s Skinny Jeans

Today, denim jeans have seen a considerable resurgence in the fashion industry, particularly in the high-end space. A pair of women’s skinny jeans is considered a staple piece in every female’s wardrobe. If you plan to spend a few hundred dollars on a pair of re-imagined denim pants, you’re going to try to keep it look as new. And every girl must be aware of the proper way of taking care of the denim.

Before you begin the maintenance of your jeans, you must know the kind of denim, so you’ll have an idea of how to take care of each of them. Raw denim has a solid colour. It’s dark and has a stiff feel on the material. This is the type of denim you can’t pair with a white or pastel-coloured top. However, they do look better over time. While the pre-washed is the worn-out type. The distressed design is sometimes already present on the denim before buying it.

Don’t Put It In a Washing Machine

Avoid putting the jeans in the washing machine. When you place it in a washing machine, this will only fade faster. In distressed types of women’s skinny jeans, putting them in the machine will only make the fraying worse, unless this is your end goal. You should avoid washing it often, perhaps wait for at least five wears, before throwing it in the washing machine.

Use a Steamer Or Dryer To Freshen Its Look a Bit

Try using a steamer to remove the foul odor if the pair is already on its way to the 11th wear. This is a common condition when it needs a bit of refreshing. You can put it in a dryer with low-setting, and it will give you a freshly-washed odour. Another suggestion can be outrageous, but many people have been doing it. Put them in the freezer to eliminate the awful smell, but make sure to inform your housemates ahead of time.

Use Cold Water In a Mild Setting

When you finally feel like this is the best time to toss your women’s skinny jeans inside the machine, use a mild detergent, turn the jeans outside in, and set the wash setting to a gentle cycle. The cold water will prevent the fabric from wearing and fading easily and consumes lesser energy. Others will opt for hand wash if you feel that this pair deserves the utmost TLC. Never scrub or wring the jeans, it will ruin the organic shade and fibres. It is also best to hang dry them.

Find The Right Jeans Storage

Properly storing it is necessary for any denim or any other delicate clothing. Folding a pair of denim jeans is the ideal way to keep them, instead of hanging it in the closet. Denim pants should always be folded and stacked in a secured place together with the rest of its kind.

When you’ve finally found the perfect fit of denim jeans, it’s like you’ve won a jackpot. This is a wardrobe investment that you’d like to last for as long as it can. Get to know its type of denim and follow its care tag’s maintenance guide. Manufacturers will always put the appropriate directions on how to keep your pair look new all the time.

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