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Top 10 Readymade Gift Baskets To Give During The COVID Pandemic

Top 10 Readymade Gift Baskets To Give During The COVID Pandemic

The coronavirus has affected our lives in a huge way. It has affected our friends, family, and also our relationship with them. The most important thing right now is making sure all our loved ones are safe and conveying our greetings to them. You wouldn’t be able to meet your friends and relatives at times like these, but you can at least send your regards and love to them via special gifts. Gift baskets are one of the best gifts and they are versatile too.

There is a gift basket for conveying all different emotions that would make the recipient feel so special and loved. They would know you are concerned about their well being. You can choose from a wide range of gift baskets offered online according to the choice of the recipient. Gift baskets are great gifts, through which you can show your thoughts in a special way to your special ones. Let the distance not estrange your relations with your dear ones; ask about their well beings through special gift baskets. Thus we are here with some 10 readymade gift baskets to give to everyone during this covid pandemic.

Nut Care Package

Staying at home has driven us all us crazy, so you can treat your loved ones with this staying at home is driving me nuts care package. This gift package includes butter pecan gourmet popcorn, fruit, and nut bars. I am nuts about your notebook and four-pack of planter nuts like salted peanuts, salted cashews, and honey roasted peanuts. The package comes along with a personalized greeting card so that you can convey your message to the recipient.

Sweet Cookie Gift Basket

This is an ideal gift for the person with a sweet tooth. This is a perfect gift basket for the cookie lover it includes cookies from all around the world. The gift basket includes cookies and wafers from Italy, Swedish thins, Wafels from Holland, rolled wafers, cookies from Spain, premium sugar cookie flavored popcorn, and Ghirardelli hot chocolate. Your loved ones won’t be able o travel right now and taste different delicacies of the world but through this sweet cookies gift basket, they would at least get to eat their favorite snack from all around the world. Buy cookies gift basket online to treat your special ones who are cookie lovers for their special day to convey your love and affection.

Bath Care Package

Get your dear one’s all worries soaked away with this bath care package. This bath care package includes a cotton candy bath bomb, berrylicious bath bomb, birthday cake bath bomb, bath loofah, and rubber ducky bath soap and berries & cream gourmet popcorn. This package also comes along with a personalized greeting card so that you can convey your love and regards o the recipient with this really thoughtful bath care package that would help them relax and rejuvenate.

Home Baked Goods Hamper

One of the best goods you can send to your dear one this pandemic is a gift hamper containing home-baked goods. You can order this home baked goods hamper online that includes cookies, bread, and cupcakes. This package filled with yummy homemade treats will sure delight the receiver. These baked goods are sure going to surprise your loved ones and this hamper is going to be a treat for their taste buds.

Flower Grow Kit Hamper

Instead of making a plant or buy flowers online, you can be thoughtful with and surprise them with this flower grower kit. You can surprise your loved ones with this thoughtfully curated care package that comes with complete seeds, glass planters, care instructions and many more. This gift is not only best for the green thumbs but anyone who is not that fond of greenery would love it. At times like these, this green gift will make your loved one feel so special and positive.

Hobby Items Gift Basket

Brainstorm your mind and think about you’re your loved one enjoys the most. See do they have a hobby or interest that they invest lot of their time in. If they are a puzzle aficionado, you can include few jigsaw puzzles in the package, for the avid readers novels are the best or you can also include cards, board games, a copy of their favorite movie, activities like cross stitch, knitting pattern etc. Make sure the package carries meaning with the recipient of your package.

Snacks and Treats Gift Hamper

In your gift hamper you can include your dear one’s favorite snacks or candies. You can order a batch of handmade cookies and other treats. You can go for various candies and cookies and also add some gifts of personal care. For a foodie, a gift hamper including snacks and treats is just perfect to make their day. These are some of the best gift baskets to give during the covid pandemic to your near and dear ones as you wouldn’t have met them because of this whole situation.

Essential Items Hamper

The most important out of all the gifts are essential items. There are so many people who do not have time to pick up essential items from the store. Instead of sending gifts you can send non-perishable items or household essentials to them that would be of great use to them at times like these. Simply put together a care package including things like tissues, disinfectant spray, toilet paper, cleaning wipes, canned food etc.

Books Basket

Reading is a great way to unwind during this situation of pandemic. So many people have started struggling mentally because of this whole pandemic. Books are a great escape from adding the stress and corona virus news. You can surprise your loved ones with various motivating books or you can also gift them a basket that includes Kindle so that they can have access to thousands of e-books and audio books so that they can read anytime and anywhere. You can also include tea or coffee or even wine in this books basket.

Travel Safely Gift Basket

This is a smart on the go kit for the ones who have to travel for work even in this pandemic. This gift basket includes usual necessities along with few other gifts such travel tea tin, hand sanitizer, surface spray, travel charger etc. All these gifts are presented in a useful elastic organizer that would help make their travels safer, cleaner and comfortable. Trust us gifts like these will always be appreciated. Make online gift basket delivery USA to your loved ones living miles away from you and convey your greetings for various special occasions and festivals.

We hope these top 10 readymade gift baskets are perfect to treat your friends and relatives during this covid pandemic.

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