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Top 5 Free Keylogger for Android in 2021

You’re on the right page if you’re browsing for a free keylogger app. A person uses a keylogger to track the actions of other persons, such as children and spouses. To keep an eye on the kids, Free Keylogger for Android is used to make sure they are healthy and on your spouse so that you can know that your partner is honest with you.

Also, employers use a keylogger to ensure that their workers do their job and don’t waste their time doing anything else. The app records pictures and monitors calls from cameras. SMS, MMS, Internet behavior, WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook are spied on via text messages. Geo-locations, contacts, and calendars are also monitored. Passwords, phone numbers, and other details can be collected. You’ll be able to see in the log file every keystroke that a person presses.

The list of the best Android keyloggers begins here, starting from the best:

1. Spyier

For Android, Spyier is a top-rated Keylogger tool. It is also featured in major online outlets such as the New York Times, Mashable, BuzzFeed, and LifeWire. Generally, the app has a good business reputation. Over a million people from 190+ countries use it. Users involve parents trying to look out for their children, employers monitoring errant workers, and people keeping an eye on partners in relationships.

As long as you have an internet connection, once you install the app, you can access it discreetly from your mobile or PC as well. The app will provide daily updates. The dashboard is a home screen of Spyier. It provides you with a summary of what is going on on the target screen. In the selection menu to the left of the dashboard, you can find the app’s different features. The dashboard is intuitive and user-friendly.

First, you need to sign up on Spyier’s official website for an account. Your email ID would need to be used as a username. This is so that you can obtain instructions in your inbox about the setup. It will give the setup instructions to your email inbox. Open the email that you have got and follow the directions on the computer.

The software is well-made, powerful, and easy-to-use. Spyier is a valid no-rooting and no-jailbreak method. The implementation of root and jailbreak can be complex. Trying to root or jailbreak a computer often contributes to data loss or infections with malware.

If you’re wondering what can be monitored by Spyier’s keylogger, here is a detailed list:

  • Web Browsing History: 

This application enables you to control all web browsing activities on all Android browsers, including Firefox, Opera, and Chrome, which are the most popular. You would track the chat logs of someone’s browser, search history, and browsing history.

  • MS Office Data:

Spyier has everything you need if you’re wondering what kind of work someone’s doing on their phone! With that, for both Google Docs and MS Office, you will be able to track precisely what someone types into Android apps.

  • Email Access:

 You’ll be able to read all of the emails typed on the target computer with this keylogger. And it doesn’t matter if the user types Yahoo, Gmail, or even anything brand-specific like Samsung Mail; you’ll know all about it.

  • Video App Logging: 

With Spyier, you will be able to see exactly what videos are being viewed on the target screen, and from the key logged phone, you will be able to read any comment someone makes.

  • Social Media Chats: 

Regardless of which social media platform we’re talking about, Spyier is more than able to bring all of the content of these apps to you via its keylogger. You will be able to read all the contents of those notes using this keylogger if your target uses some note-taking app.

  • Login Information: 

Perhaps most significantly, any login credentials typed into the target phone can be given by this keylogger.

2. Minspy

Another member in the list of Android keyloggers operating is Minspy. Although its reliability has not been thoroughly tested, users also praise its features.

It offers the ability to sort through the main logs or find out exactly what you are searching for using different filters. Minspy is also a mobile app that opens directly from any web browser you use, much like the other top-end apps on this list.

Minspy is also one of the cheapest online Android keyloggers you can find. Their plans are available at discounted rates throughout the year, which means you can only get this app for a few bucks. That’s quite the value for a working Android keylogger for money.

3. Spyine

Another good phone tracking solution built for parents to use is Spyine. Its solution for Android is decent and will do the job for you. The positive thing about Spyine is that, much like the other top picks in the list, it works without the target phone having to root. The interface is also excellent, and you won’t have any trouble using it.

The slight frustrating factor is that you face the chances of facing bugs present in your Android keylogger with Spyine. This isn’t quite on par with the other apps that are present on this list. Therefore, if the other apps above do not fit well for you, you can risk using them.

4. Spyic

It is Spyic if there is an app that stands in the same water as Minspy. Spyic is a good way to get every Android phone’s keystroke logs right on your screen or smartphone. The keystrokes are available in a very easy-to-use interface.

Many individuals are already using Spyic to maintain a tab of someone’s Android keystrokes. Spyic get thumbs up out there from the major media outlets, such as Forbes, PCMag, TechRadar, etc. Just like Minspy, without rooting, Spyic can monitor the critical logs of any Android phone.

5. Neatspy

Neatspy is one of the oldest and most popular spy services available in the world. The likes of PC World and iGeeksBlog have received very positive reviews. It is available in most of the world’s countries and has a good worldwide reputation. 

Neatspy is a perfectly legal spyware software that will work without the need to change or tamper with a target computer. So, without the root or jailbreak problem, the app works.

For several reasons, Neatspy is the ultimate spy app. It has a wide range of spying features that a user can use to track or control others. You can track someone’s location on social media and emails, and you can view their messages. Neatspy provides all of the most common spying features.


You will know everything there is to know about Android keylogging apps if you read this guide closely. In determining which app to use, you won’t need any third-party assistance. For spying on an Android computer, any keylogger explained above is nice. Right now, Spyier is one of the finest spy apps on the market. It provides leading features in the industry and a hassle-free setup. The app is secure, user-friendly, and easy to use. 

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