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A Quick Guide on Fixing a Leaking Concrete Water Tank

water tank waterproofing-We all know that irrespective of whether you have a concrete, plastic or cement water tank, they all have a shelf life and develop cracks over the years and cause water leakage.

It is important to invest in good quality water tanks while constructing a new home and use waterproof paint on them.

You must never leave a leaking water tank untreated and must try to find the root cause of the leakage problem and solve it as soon as possible as it won’t take long for the water to seep into your ceiling and interior walls through your roof.

What causes the water tanks to leak? 

Poor construction 

Poor workmanship ca cause the water tank to crack and leak. This is because often the workers don’t treat the joints of the water tanks properly and there is excessive porosity. It is hence important that you make sure that you hire a good water tank waterproofing professional who will mix a high-quality water tank waterproofing compound with the concrete used to build the water tank. This will reduce the pores inside the water tank and reduce the water permeability of the water tank.

Old water tank 

One of the main causes of water leakage in concrete water tanks could be because it has run its course. Typically, concrete water tanks last you for 20-25 years if maintained properly.

Cracks in the interior 

Since the water tank is perpetually exposed to high-pressure water, it can cause the inside walls of the water tank to eventually crack and leak.

Poor maintenance 

You must frequently drain and clean the water tank if you don’t want to fall victim to contaminated water. If you don’t clean your water tank often, you might end up getting a mould or algae infection, which can cause hazardous health problems for you. So, make sure that you are religious when it comes to cleaning your overhead or underground water tank system and painting it with waterproof paint every few years.

How to fix a leaking water tank? 

The first step is to figure out whether the water tank is damaged from the inside or the outside. If you have figured out the cause of the water leakage, you have already won half the battle.

Here are a few water tank waterproofing tips.

  1. Coal tar coating 

The coat tar coating method is recommended if you notice that the external walls of the water tank are causing water leakage. You can protect the external walls of your water tank from groundwater and soil contamination by coating them with coal tar. Coal tar coating is water-resistant so it will make sure that the water won’t seep through the external walls of your water tank.

  1. Fix the internal wall

Since the inside of the water tank constantly deals with high water pressure, it is advised that you use a polymer-modified cement coating on the insides of your water tank. This protective layer is highly elastic and it will make sure that the inside of the water tank doesn’t crack under water pressure.

  1. Get an inside liner 

An inside liner for your concrete water tank might not solve your water leakage problem but it will ensure that the water inside the water tank stays protected and isn’t contaminated.

Fixing your water tank might require you to hire one of the best waterproofing services in your area. That is where Asian Paints come into the picture. They provide a credible waterproofing service that will help you waterproof not only your water tank but also your roofs, bathroom floors, basement, terrace and other problematic areas around your house.

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