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Ways to Enjoy Free Data During Your International Travels

Ways to Enjoy Free Data During Your International Travels

 The world is at a boom with internet usage for almost every work from personal to professional touch. And some people travel a lot as per their work routine. Here are some handy and money-saving tips and tricks if you are planning to travel abroad. In today’s world, as we all know, the internet is everything and data acts as fuel to access the internet. Every decision, purchase, navigation, or travel requires a significant amount of data at considerable speed. But while talking about, using the internet abroad, there are several difficulties like roaming charges, incoming charges, and many more. So, is there any process that we can use free data while traveling abroad? As surprising it seems, the answer is yes!

Now that we understand how crucial it is for us to stay connected to the internet and to be updated while traveling internationally, so keeping aside everything let us explore the different ways in which we can get almost free data during international travels:

  1. Using local sim card

Yes first and foremost, while traveling abroad always try to use a local sim card of the respected area. It can save you fortunes as the roaming charges are waived off and no incoming charges. The local sim cards are generally bundled with a fair amount of data and calling features for typical day to day tasks. Boost your data with exclusive discounts by applying promo code at boost.com.au!

  1. Visiting countries which offer free sim cards to travelers

As surprising it may sound, there are countries that provide free sim cards to the tourists. So, it is always a good idea to research the area that you are planning to visit. We have a whooping example of Dubai, which offers free sim cards to travelers with open data and calling facilities.

  1. Make use of free wifi zones at places

There are always the cafeterias and malls offering free and secure wifi zones. So always try to locate the wifi hotspot zones to avail free access to the internet. But make sure they have a secure connection; otherwise, personal data may be at high risk. Even while staying in a hotel, most of them provide free wifi connection to the customers. Just enjoy your stay and make connections online.

  1. Using portable and mobile wifi on rent

Portable wifi devices have created a boom among foreign travelers as it not only provides access to the internet with a push of a button, but it is also pocket friendly. So try to rent portable wifi for ease. You can easily rent a mobile wifi device from any pawn shop or some registered telecommunication company in the country. 

  1. Use light and offline version of apps

Using light and offline version of applications on your phone cuts down the data usage to almost half. So always try to use the cached version or offline version of the applications installed on your phone. The light versions of the applications are specially designed to use lesser amounts of data, and thus you can get your work done in half the amount of usual data balance. For exciting and exclusive coupons visit Base.com and avail the best offers by applying the discount code.

So, we can see that there are various ways in which you can get almost free data while traveling internationally. So always make sure you try to follow the above tips to save your money and avoid unnecessary roaming charges levied by your original sim carriers. For more information, visit Base.com and get exciting coupons.


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