What Can You Learn From Non-Duality?

Nonduality or Advaita is about your inherent nature, and that is oneness. If you want to know what is non duality, it is the oneness of everything. In simple words, Advaita is a way of living your life, and every moment you feel that you are interconnected with everything and everyone.

Nonduality is a way of living, and it can be felt or realized by self-enlightenment. Moreover, Nonduality is a term that belongs to the word Advaita Vedanta, which means ‘not two.’ The concept reminds you that your sense of being a separate unit from everything and everyone, the sense of you, is a confusion formed by the mind.

First-Hand Realisation of Yourself 

Nonduality teaches you about the first-hand realization and experience of yourself. But, this realization is not easy to experience. You cannot accomplish self-enlightenment overnight or in a single day; it demands a lot of practice and devotion. Many people even take up their entire lifetime to attain self-enlightenment.

Nobody can teach you who you are, and it comes from within you. When you follow the teaching of nonduality, you will seek self-attainment by yourself. For example, you can sit in a quiet place and focus on your inner self through meditation. When you meditate, you begin to focus on your inner self rather than focusing on the outside world.


Nonduality talks about awareness that is the impersonal, non-local field of the true nature in which consciousness and all objects emerge. Awareness is not limited to one place, one person, or one thing. Instead, it is without center or periphery and pervades everywhere.

The experience of awareness or enlightenment is not something that you can attain easily. It is real, and it is a continuous flow. Awareness is an experience that is without any opposite, and it cannot get reconciled with delusions of any type, including fear, pain, sadness, etc.

Nonduality Teaches You How Not to Seek 

You have desires and wishes in your life, and that is common. Everyone is looking for something or the other. It is just the seeking that takes different shapes. You may feel that everyone is looking for various things, but what everyone is looking for, deep down, is the same.

The point is, everybody, including you, is in the pursuit of the same coherence, wholeness, and oneness. You fail to understand that wholeness is already present here, and you just require to embrace it.

Through self-enlightenment, you will know that you have everything you seek; hence, you will not seek any more. Furthermore, once you understand the depths of what is nonduality, you start living your life. You do not pass days in the expectation of accomplishing things in the future; rather, you experience the presence of wholeness in your current moment.

With the realization of self, you understand that life is already how it is, and all you need is to embrace it. With nonduality, gradually, you can realize this fact of life, and all your wants will eventually end.

Peace of Mind

Nonduality teaches you peace of mind as you dig deeper into the principles of nondualism. Once you have the self-realization that you own everything you need and seek nothing, you can feel content.

In the absence of self-enlightenment, you always stay restless. You always have something better or something else to attain. Hence, you stay trapped in the loops of desires.

Once you have enlightened yourself, you will no longer see yourself as an engineer, a teacher, a doctor, a professional, or an expert. Rather, you will see yourself as a being in the moment. This completeness gives you freedom and peace of mind.

Nothing Should Matter 

In the absence of enlightenment, you spend all your life thinking about what people say about you and why someone did this or that. You have no time for your inner-self, and you never really try to dig into your inner-self.

However, nonduality talks about the oneness of everything, and you learn the connection between you and the world once you begin to understand it.

And once you (brahmin) reach self-enlightenment, you will no longer be affected by others’ thoughts, comments, or views. Nonduality teaches you to be content in yourself, and hence, nothing will disturb your inner self.

To sum up, since you now know about what is nonduality and what it can teach you, try it in your life for endless freedom and enlightenment. It will not come easy to you, but you can begin to realize self-enlightenment with your persistent devotion.