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What Is The Complication Of SEO In 2020

What Is The Complication Of SEO In 2020

Google continually updates its algorithms with the frequent minor and few major updates to improve user experience. To date, the last broad core update was May 2020 core update that showed huge volatility in the search results and seasoned professionals like an SEO Company in Bangalore will help you mitigate such volatility.

Without a doubt, the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 has affected search patterns as there has been no search topic sustaining for that prolonged time.

Although Google does not target any specific industry, the expert analysis indicated health-related sites and local businesses being the most affected of all.

A better Digital marketing agency in Bangalore ensures your site’s contents are addressing user needs through offering a comprehensive solution to their problems.

In respect to last 5 years of Google updates along with the latest core update well-ranking websites that convert sales have commonalities in aspects like –

Using The Right Keywords With Substantial Context

To meet specific buyer’s needs you need to anchor your keywords to the content. Instead of putting high search volume keywords across the content, you need to utilize them in ways that add solutions to user problems. To address buyer concerns on a bigger scale, mixing broad keywords with specifically addressed ones are highly relevant. As long as the content is educational and buyer’s need-oriented, your SEO strategy will remain fruitful.

Contents Need To Focus Buyers With An Advanced Content Approach

Consumer approach has changed over the years and so you need with your content approach. Buyers conduct research that addresses their needs and pain points, available options, and their features before making a purchasing decision. Therefore, contents with an educational approach are likely to rank higher.

Another concern will be providing users a better navigational experience. For such an approach, blogs address the specific subject and specific buyers with a unique perspective that links to the pillar page (that focus primary services or products). After that, all the pillar pages will link back to the Homepage. In this way, you can add clear navigation to the contents of choice with the positive navigational outcome.

SEO Backlinks

Many questions about the importance of backlinks in SEO. As backlinks were effective in times of major rollouts back in 2018, they are still relevant in the context of 2020 and days ahead. You need to make sure high-quality content being published on high authority referring to domain relevant to your niche. 

Also, these referring sites must have no spammy links in their portfolio. In this context, the anchor text needs to consist of main keywords addressing buyer needs and the link should have a “follow” attribute to add SEO value.

On-Site SEO

On-site SEO is out of the equation and never has been. Your page URLs need to reflect on what the page is about within sufficient volume. H1 and H2 tags, image ALTs need to express the content with accurate keywords. Schema markups need to describe the page accurately and make sure page title and meta title appropriately compliment the content.


For the past few years, the fundamental purpose of any update is to understand search intent and assess what and how web pages are relevant to such queries.

Based on the circumstances and following evidence, it’s not entirely clear whether the update still focused on the E-A-T factor or not. But, one thing is evident if Google determines to provide searchers with more scientific results for such a huge amount of queries on the same topic. Sites that offer more scientific explanation to user queries will be dominating over the so-called “natural remedy” offering sites.

SEO is ever-varying, and no one can exactly predict what matters. However, with each algorithm updates fundamentals for SEO compliance is improving user experience. For such fulfillment, professional help from an SEO Company in Bangalore will look after varying SEO requirements that will enable you to provide a user-oriented approach.

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