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What You’ll Need to Do Before Getting Life Insurance

What You’ll Need to Do Before Getting Life Insurance

Life insurance is a key feature in the life of a young professional or retired individual. Life insurance is used to protect your loved ones, assets, and mental stability because money can’t solve all your problems, but it sure can create new ones. Whether you’re a New York resident commuting throughout the City of New York every day, or live in a Midwestern countryside town (in TX, MI, or MO, for instance), life insurance coverage remains a constant requirement for high quality and comfortable living.

But getting life insurance isn’t as simple as heading down to the local supermarket. There is some research involved in the process and a bit of upfront legwork that must be done in order to find the perfect policy to fit your needs. Read on to discover the approach that you’ll need to take in order to lock in a great coverage option with AIG or another insurer in your local jurisdiction.

Start with your financial needs.


Planning the purchase of an AIG or AGL life insurance policy starts with the finances. In order to get the coverage that you need, you will have to start by investigating your take-home pay, cash flow requirements, and remaining debts—credit cards, mortgage loans, medical bills, and even student loans for yourself or your children.

Planning the purchase of an AIG policy means taking stock of your current financial health. Many insurers will recommend a plan that pays out six or more times your annual salary in order to provide for your spouse or children while also covering funeral costs, medical expenses, and any remaining debts that may end up consuming those left behind.

This is particularly important for younger professionals who have just started new families. In these earlier phases of life, the cost of raising a child, remaining monthly payments on the home, and many other capital-intensive needs lie ahead. Yet the death of a parent will dramatically alter the financial image that a household is working with.

Whether your family manages its finances on one or two paychecks (or even with the help of second jobs or side hustle work within the large gig economy), the sudden collapse of a component of, or the entire stream of income can be devastating beyond the immediate grief that settles over the family.

Financial trouble adds another layer of stress and hardship that simply doesn’t have to come into play. With an AIG American General Life (AGL) life insurance policy or annuity, removing this uncertainty becomes the norm during these times of great trouble.

Think about your lifestyle.


The AIG and AGL subsidiary relationship allows for an expansive network of coverage options that give homeowners and family members the peace of mind they need and deserve to cover the uncertainties that life may hold in the future.

While no one expects to need their insurance policy, it’s a powerful backstop in the event of a tragedy and gives fathers, grandmothers, and others the security to continue living life to the fullest while knowing that their family will be protected, no matter what.

Lifestyle, in fact, plays a significant role in the process of securing AIG or AGL life insurance policy coverage. Those who want to continue leading an adventurous life will want to jump on the opportunity to add in this security for their loved ones.

Simply put, the more you travel, experience the world, and engage in new and exciting things, the more risk you take on personally. For instance, skydivers, base jumpers, and scuba divers aren’t necessarily engaging in a life-threatening activity each time they gear up, but the average homeowner who has never jumped out of a plane doesn’t have to worry about the minuscule chance of a parachute malfunction.

No matter where your life takes you, adding life insurance coverage or an annuity that will continue to pay you into retirement is a key financial protection that just about everyone needs.

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