5 Amazing Writing Tools Every Student Must Know

5 Amazing Writing Tools Every Student Must Know

In this age of competition, studying has become particularly tough. As there are numerous intelligent students, you have to still make your way through fierce hard work. However, studying today requires certain skills too, along with hard work. Among these skills, paper writing is an essential one.  As you have to do your work mostly being online and during these times of pandemic, one must know how to be an effective paper writer online. This can help your studies as well as enhance your skills.

Below here we are going to tell you a few helpful tools to make your writing effective.

Microsoft Word:

It is the basic, most effective, and popular tool for writing. Students need to learn this as their priority. As it can solve writing problems as well as makes you adept. As it comes with a wide range of writing-friendly options, you can make your paper stand out. You can select your desired font from a wide range of tools. Plus this tool offers numerous options to insert any accessory thing into your writing. You can style your paper the way you want.

Google Docs:

As you know that your writings are valuable and you must preserve them somewhere. So it is better to save them somewhere online. Thus, google docs offer you space where you can keep your paper. Plus you can access it from anywhere. Additionally, you can work on your group project online too. Your fellows can access the document too. Plus it saves your progress on your paper automatically.  You can share the link of your document with anyone without sending it. You can edit your paper as well as view it in different formats too.

One Look:

It is an important and key point for a paper writer online to have a strong grip on words and vocabulary. Thus, one look has multiple options to increase your word collection. If you find difficulty in some word, you can look it up on one look and it provides the meaning of it in all dictionaries available. Thus, you can make your paper effective with this variety of words. Additionally, it also solves the difficulties of understanding these words.


Grammarly is the best online tool to proofread your document. Not only it proofreads your document but it also offers you multiple suggestions to correct your paper. It corrects your grammar as well as tells you about the right choices of words. It checks basic writing mistakes for free but offers a variety of options to premium users.


Plagiarism is the basic thing you need to avoid while writing a paper. It not only makes a bad impression on your paper but it also. You can buy it and check your paper for plagiarism and remove it. Thus it helps your making your paper authentic.

These are a few writing tools you must practice to make your paper effective. Have good writing!

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