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5 Things Not to Do Immediately After Pandemic Lockdown

5 Things Not to Do Immediately After Pandemic Lockdown

It has been a lonely, frustrating, anxiety-filled year for everyone. But finally, as spring emerges from the cold grip of winter, we too are emerging from the lockdown cocoon. Like prehistoric cavemen walking into the sun we know that this freedom will be beneficial for us, while at the same time, there are some precautions that need to be taken.

Isolation from family, friends, and even strangers, has been a wearying process. We got used to buying extra paper goods, water, and meats, just in case there was a shortage. Masks became a fashion statement, and Zoom meetings took the place of good old-fashioned, and much needed human contact.

Now that lockdown restrictions are lifting, is it any wonder that people are ready to pick up and go? Everyone wants to get back to living the lives they knew and loved before the pandemic hit. But, like a baby just learning how to walk, it is crucial that we take slow, deliberate steps.

  • Don’t throw a huge party in your home While a get together with other people who have been vaccinated is fine, according to CDC guidelines, the risk still exists for the spread of Covid-19. With a number of variants spreading, and gaining strength, it might be tempting to throw a large “we’re back to normal” bash, however, right now it is still unwise, and unsafe.

  • Don’t completely disregard your hygiene habits It may have taken a while to get used to, at first, but now that we are a year or more into the pandemic, most people have made thorough hand washing a habit, whenever they come into contact with the outside world. Due to this practice, many people have also noticed that they haven’t had an illness in a while, like the common cold or stomach ailment. This is reason enough to keep up the hand washing!

  • Don’t forget to invest time and effort into your vehicle Your car or truck has sat idle, or mostly idle, for far too long. Never has there been a time when people have been itching to rev the engine and hit the open road. But is your car ready? Take it to a mechanic for a tune up and be sure to review the insurance coverage before hitting the road. Freeway Auto Insurance will help you select a plan that fits your needs as mileage, frequency of travel, and therefore risk, exponentially increases, which is a great time to have a customer service oriented company on your side.
  • Keep overseas, overseas – For now The yearning for adventure is strong, and perhaps, at its strongest point right now. After a year of isolation, adventure seekers, and wanderers, feel the need to jump on a plane, and head for parts unknown. However, the truth is, the virus is still running rampant in various other parts of the globe. Wearing a mask for hours, on an extended plane ride, would be exhausting, and while the fares are likely to be inexpensive, it’s best to leave the jet setting lifestyle until a time when the virus has truly been tamed.

  • Don’t throw away your face masks Even before the outbreak of Covid 19, there were parts of the world where people consistently wore face masks in public. It kept them safer from air pollution, as well as the invisible viruses that can be such an intense threat. It may very well be, that general society continues the practice of wearing face masks now that we are so much more aware of how easily transmission of every virus takes place.

Now that we are rounding the bend of the pandemic, it is perhaps more important than ever, to take the right steps toward getting back to normal. This does not include running and jumping over a finish line, but slowly, and steadily, inching forward to mitigate the spread, and eradicate spikes.

Keeping our travel plans domestic, not immediately visiting high-risk family and friends, keeping gatherings small, and between other vaccinated people, is wise, pro-active, and will help maintain everyone’s good health.

In addition, remembering that our vehicles need some attention – not just a wash and wax to eliminate the garage grime, but a full tune up and check up to ensure optimum performance, as well as a review of your vehicle’s policy, is in order. What is your coverage? Will you need extra now that you’re traveling to and from work, instead of working remotely? Day trips and extended road trips, innately imply increased risk, and Freeway Insurance will help get you fully covered, so that as we all move into the post-pandemic world, you can feel safe and secure, with the glorious peace of mind we haven’t had in a long time.




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