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Are You New to Trade Shows? Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind.

Are You New to Trade Shows? Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind.

Exhibiting at trade fairs may be one of the most effective methods to rapidly get in front of a big number of prospective consumers and develop brand recognition. In only a few days, you can successfully exhibit your product range, extend your customer base, and dramatically increase your revenues at a tradeshow. As tempting as this may seem, Trade Shows can also be difficult and costly, which is why you must prepare carefully to obtain the most return on your investment.

However, organizing your first trade show may be a daunting process. We’re here to make it as simple as possible for you to not only do everything right but also put your best foot forward in front of rivals and potential consumers. Here are some professional suggestions to help you seem like a pro exhibitor from the start of your journey.

Figure Out Who Will Be Attending.

Many trade fairs provide attendee lists in advance. Conduct research to determine which connections may be interested in your company and send them a brief introduction email.

Consider reaching out to them and telling them you’d love to meet them and urge them to stop by your booth. However, avoid flooding their email by immediately pitching your services—you want to keep your initial contact light and personable. Check out our post on the top free email marketing tools for startups and small companies if you need help getting started with email marketing.

Bring Your “A” Game.

The crew you bring to a trade show may make or break the event for your organization. You have two options: bring an in-house crew or hire an event staffing firm with trade show experience. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that the individuals staffing your booth will be the face of your company. That is why it is critical to have a crew that is pleasant, professional, driven, and outgoing to represent your firm.

Additionally, while selecting your trade show crew, keep specialty in mind. You aim to bring team members whose abilities complement each other. A public relations professional will be able to handle press queries, a salesperson will be able to convert leads, a tech specialist will be able to answer any technical questions—you get the picture.

Prepare Your Team.

Be prepared to answer inquiries. Everyone working at your exhibit will invariably be questioned for specifics. This implies that every member of your trade show staff should be an authority on your product and company. Create a list of anticipated questions and role-play before the show to ensure your crew is prepared. You’ll be pleased you did it.

It’s also vital to ask individuals that come up to your booth questions. It is not just your objective to sell, but also to build a mutually beneficial connection. Is what you’re offering something they’ll be interested in? The only way to find out is to qualify them. Even if your product or service isn’t a suitable fit for them, they may know someone who is.

Include Furniture or a Lounge Area In Your Booth.

Nothing entices a tired trade fair guest more than a nice spot to rest his or her legs.

A lounge area will increase traffic to your booth and keep potential consumers there for a longer period. Be sure to include comfortable couches or stools in your booth. If you are having a hard time trying to find the appropriate furniture for your trade booth visit keekea.com. Not to add, having a location where you can relax and talk about your product over coffee is a plus.

Give Things Out For Free

People adore free goods and expect to get a lot of them during trade fairs. You may attract a crowd with something as basic as freshly made cookies, or you can go the extra mile with promotional items like pencils, caps, notebooks, customized face masks, and water bottles. Try to provide something related to your brand.

Don’t be afraid to distribute your goodies. The more a visitor sees your products, the more eager he or she will be to find your booth and learn more about you. This technique works well for sales because once someone tries something, they frequently feel obligated to buy it. It’s called the law of reciprocity, and you should take advantage of it.

Create an Eye-catching Exhibit.

The average human attention span is barely eight seconds—and that doesn’t even take into consideration all of the distractions during trade fairs.

Creating a visually appealing custom trade show booth can assist in guarantee that potential consumers stop by. When it comes to your display, avoid using words in favor of visuals because the human brain processes images faster than text. Try to make a show that can be viewed from a distance. Your objective is to be recognized rather than ignored.


It takes a lot of planning and hard work to stand out at a trade show. However, it is also a fantastic marketing opportunity with huge potential for creating new business channels. Plan ahead of time, have fun, and be open to meeting new people—you never know who you’ll meet.

Finally, once everything has been said and done, learn from your errors, keep track of what worked for other exhibitors, make any modifications, and be ready for the next event!

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