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How To Ensure Employees Don’t Forget to Submit Timesheets

How To Ensure Employees Don’t Forget to Submit Timesheets

You Must Establish A Clear Policy

Policies must be written, perhaps in an employee handbook, that will explain the process of how timesheets must be first created and then submitted. Your employees, under this policy, must be required to enter in the times that they have been working, which will allow those that are doing payroll processing to accurately pay them for the work that they have done every single day. Timesheets should have a timeline, or more specifically, they must be turned in on a specific day each month for the payroll cycle to be processed efficiently.

It’s important to talk to your employees on a regular basis about timekeeping procedures, plus anyone that you hire needs to also learn how to submit their timesheet before they submit their first one. Employees may have questions about timesheet submission policies, so it’s good to let them know that they can ask questions and should do so before the due date.

Create Reminders

Simple reminders are a great way to ensure that employees are not forgetting to submit their timesheets in a timely manner. Track Time 24 can provide you with an automated way of alerting them to win they should turn it in which will eliminate the hassle of having to do it yourself.

After it is set up, push notifications can be sent out to your employees in regard to when they should clock in and also clock out. These notifications should occur prior to their shift, and toward the end of their shift, plus it may be set up to remind them about scheduled breaks that they must take.

Reminders can be set up that will use GPS locators. Once the employee receives the notification, it will likely be because they are at the job site, plus it will tell you when they leave.

These friendly reminders can be so helpful in assisting your employees in maintaining a proper schedule, which will inevitably lead to a less hectic situation at your place of business.

Always Reward Those That Do Well

Incentive programs are another way that you can motivate employees to meet deadlines with timesheets that must be turned in. You can have monthly perks that you set up, changing them every now and then, to motivate them to become more punctual and accurate.

Fun team building exercises might also be an opportunity to get them into this pattern. An example of this would be ordering beer and pizza each and every time that somebody submits their worksheet in a timely manner on Friday. Really, no one wants to let the team down!

So what if they do forget to submit their timesheet?

Tough Love May Be The Answer

The frustration that you may have with some of your employees regarding timesheets that are not turned in, you really can’t punish them by not giving them a paycheck. Instead, you need to think of other solutions for providing discipline so that they become more efficient. Training managers can also be effective, plus you may also set days where you will talk about these requirements related to timekeeping procedures.

A progressive and clear policy should always be set up. Hopefully, when you are discussing this with your employees, they will understand the first time. If they do fail to submit their timesheets, you can follow these three steps just as you would for other types of policy violations that may occur at your workplace.

Using these tips, and the many different features that are part of this time tracking software Tracktime24.com, you can improve the timekeeping procedures of your employees and also track them very easily.

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