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How to Check Your Car Battery Power?

How to Check Your Car Battery Power?

Your car is built with several parts and features. Off all the parts and features, your car battery happens to be an integral part of the automobile. Your car battery is essential because all the electrical components run through it.

Right from starting the car, operating the air conditioner, powering on headlights, listening to music, everything is based on the car battery. This is why, when your car battery has poor voltage you start surfacing problems and can’t even power on a headlight. In fact, your headlights turn dim.

The lifespan of your car battery is likely to vary depending upon the way you use and take care of your car. But, it is likely to run for 4-5 years.

Regular tests of a car battery can help improve its longevity.

You can use the following devices as a power efficiency guide and check your battery power-

Battery health indicator

Modern cars come with this new feature that allows them to check the battery power. The battery has a cover on it that indicates the power level. When your battery is good the arrow will be in green and when you have a poor level of power it will turn red.

Now, when your battery is dead the indicator will turn completely black.


You can use a voltmeter to measure power in your car battery. There are two different types of voltmeters available in the market- analog and digital. It is wise to choose one that suits your pocket and knowledge.

Before you use the voltmeter, make sure that you switch off your car and all the accessories in it. Keeping them on will drain a lot of battery. This includes switching off your car stereo, ignition, and headlights.

You will have to remove covers that are on the battery terminals. The next step is to connect the positive voltmeter to the battery and the negative one to the black battery terminal. Me mindful of the readings and that a good battery has a voltage between 12.4v-12.7v.

Any reading above 12.5v is considered too good and also indicates that your battery is almost 75% charged. An indicator below 11.8v is considered to be poor battery power.

Refer to a power efficiency guide review Banjig has to ensure that your battery is in good condition.

Power probe

In case you don’t have a voltmeter you can use a power probe to check your car battery. Make sure that the ignition is switched off and also the other accessories.

The probe has a tip that indicates the power of your battery. If you have a good car battery, then you are likely to acquire a reading between 12.2 – 12.9 volts.

Physical examination from experts

Physical examination of the car battery happens to be the best form of test to check power. It also informs you about any cracks in the system. For this, you have to disconnect the battery terminals and also remove the car battery.

Place the battery on a clean and sturdy flat surface. Check whether the battery surface has any bulge or not. A bulging battery is an indicator of overcharging. Examine the battery terminals and check the insulation. If you note any crack in the battery, then replace it.

Clean the battery and battery tray before placing the battery in it. It is easy to clean the battery. Use a mixture of water and baking soda and a clean brush to clean it.

Pour all the ingredients in a container and then wash each side of the battery with a soft brush. Use a dry cloth to clean the excess liquid. Make sure that you don’t disrupt screws in the process.

Examine the battery tray and see if you can pick any signs of corrosion. Place the clean battery on a clean surface and screw it. Make sure that you don’t place the battery on an unstable surface. Change the terminals and apply some grease on them to prevent corrosion.


In case you are unsure of whether you are performing it correctly or not, you can always approach an expert. They can suggest the right technique and measures to power your battery.

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