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Importance of QA checks when Exporting used Cars from Japan

Importance of QA checks when Exporting used Cars from Japan

Japanese vehicles are quite a in demand all over the world. The reason behind it is high quality, performance and reliability. Used cars from Japan are also top-rated in the world. More than 50,000 used cars are exported every month from Japan to many countries like Africa, the US, Sri Lanka, etc.

The importance of a car dealer to export Japanese cars

Importing a used car from Japan can be a daunting task. It calls for the correct information. You may not be an expert on all the fronts. When you import your desired vehicle from Japan, you need to be sure of what you are buying. 

The export formalities, quality checks, and assessing its performance – you can get an expert to do these pre-purchase checks for you on your behalf. This is where car dealers emerge as valuable partners to get superior quality pre-owned cars direct from Japan. The one area they excel at is performing stringent QA checks on your behalf.  

Why Hire Agents for QA checks? 

Did you give a thought to the various quality checks on the car? You are not physically present in Japan. How can you be sure about what you are buying? You may not even know the language and cultural context!

To be 100 per cent sure of the deal, prefer to work with a reputable and trustworthy local car dealer that carries out the procedure for you in a transparent manner for your benefit.

Buying a used car can be very stressful and expensive. But you can easily avoid the stress by engaging professional Japanese car dealers with a good track record. When you work with a reliable car dealer in Japan, you get the following advantages related to the car’s QA-

1 – Years of experience

The car dealer sources thousands of vehicles from Japanese car auctions and ships them around the world. They know all the ins and outs which will save you from costly mistakes. 

The dealer spends enough time to ensure they meet client’s expectations before striking a deal.

2 – Export related Paperwork  

A reliable agency will always have a streamlined process in Japan for de-registration and export.

Your original Export Certificate with the books, spare keys and other items received from the seller will be sent across by a reliable courier service. A tracking number will be provided. Your vehicle will be booked for shipping on the first available vessel.

3 – Tremendous networking

The years of experience means that the car dealer has built a formidable network of car exporters. Since they are in for the long haul, they deal only with the finest car exporter who are known to deliver high performance pre-owned Japanese cars.

4 – Rigorous checks

You get your vehicle delivered to your home country with all the necessary certifications and the QA checks.Plus, you eliminate the language barriers as well. 

The certificates assure you obtain the car only after a thorough and strict personal inspection of the used car. Both interior and exterior are verified along with the chassis number of the vehicle. The cars are stamped with assurance.

To conclude 

All you do is select your dream vehicle online from the used car segment. Get in touch with a car dealer that knows the intricacies of exporting four-wheeler direct from genuine Japanese exporters. 

You have done enough work to safeguard yourself by preferring to work with a local car dealer. Ensure a trouble-free purchase of your loved used car from Japan that comes with all the functions that you wish to see in a mean machine.


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