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Tools To Create A Animated Explainer Video

Tools To Create A Animated Explainer Video

How to capture the attention and surprise the audience with a presentation? For those who want to make a bright presentation, the functionality of the usual PowerPoint or Google Presentation – of course not enough. But there is a great alternative – desktop and online video creation programs. To use – you only need to have access to the Internet. There are many such services, but not all of them are worth noting.

  1. GoAnimate

With this service, you can create a complete story of the characters from the slide show. GoAnimate has a character development system that allows you to personalize them as much as possible. It is possible to choose the actions of the characters from a large list – the stage behavior of the heroes of the presentation in the program depends solely on the imagination of its creator.

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Other features of the presented program for presentations:

  • You can use sound, background music, and text.
  • Heroes can be “endowed” with a voice. The characters speak many languages.
  • The finished presentation can be embedded on the site or published in one click on social networks.
  • GoAnimate is allowed to be used for free for 2 weeks. At the end of the trial period, the system offers the user to choose one of several tariff plans of the program for presentations.
  1. SparkolPro

With the desktop program for video presentations, SparkolPro create animated videos with the effect of freehand drawing. This system of presentation development is extremely simple and sophisticated at the same time, which makes SparkolPro popular among audiences of all ages.

  • Before using SparkolPro, you should download the program to your PC. Installation takes a few minutes.
  • The user is provided with a trial version of the product. Free it can be used within 7 days.
  • The program immediately provides the user with three video templates. They are focused on presenting the benefits of the product.
  • SparkolPro allows you to insert your own voice into the video. You can also select an option from the list of ready-made audio.
  • The presentation can be saved in both PDF and video format.
  1. Moovly

Moovly presentation program – offers the user both ready-made templates and the ability to create a presentation from scratch. The program has a fairly simple interface. If you have questions, they are answered by a chatbot installed on the site.

  • Each element of the presentation can be “revived”. There are several options for this action. Having such a choice allows you to make an animated video unique and unusual.
  • Moovly allows you to develop both video presentations and banners.
  • The program is formally paid. Although there is a free version of Moovly, it has limited functionality. For example, fewer templates and a video limit – each presentation is no longer than 10 minutes.
  1. Plotagon

 Plotagon like SparkolPro is a desktop program, allows you to create animated 3D movie clips. The user needs a script; everything else is taken over by Plotagon. Plotagon has two modes: history and training videos. The characters in the slides can perform a variety of actions. They can talk, walk, and act out scenes and even fight.

Plotagon is a video program that children and adults alike enjoy. It is quite easy to use, the program is installed on a PC in just a few minutes.

  • The heroes of movies, videos, videos, animations do not speak Ukrainian or Russian but have excellent dialogues in English.
  • It is possible not only to prescribe the text that will be voiced by the characters but also to choose the intonation.
  • The dialogues of the characters can be duplicated by subtitles.
  • The program is free, but with paid content. For example, some locations will have to be purchased separately if desired. But “Schoolyard”, “School” and several other options are available for free, so you can make a great video presentation.
  1. Mango animation maker

Sometimes creating an animated explainer video after effects becomes an irritating job. So you find another best option to make animated video without compromising the animated explainer video quality. Mango Animation Maker is the best choice for animated videos and is considered the number one choice. It offers you thousands of readymade templates that allow you to make an animated explainer video in a minute. You can create your animated explainer video with very simple and easy steps in this tool. It is a user-friendly tool that anyone can use.

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