Five Best Educational Apps For Class 6 CBSE Students

Over the years, education has changed drastically. With advanced technology, constant updates and changing consumer behaviour/trends, digital education has become a necessary part of every student’s life. Now education is not just limited to textbooks and classrooms. it has become essential for every student to take assistance from digital sources in order to keep up with the changing trends and perform well. Digital education has also made it easier for the students to seek guidance from a credible source any time they want. it is safe to say that with the addition of virtual education, the learning process has become easier and fun. There are many educational apps available in the market for students and choosing the perfect one can get a little overwhelming.

The top five education applications for class sixth CBSE students are mentioned as follows:

 -Meritnation: This particular education application is considered to be the one-stop solution for all the students who are into CBSE board from the classes 6th-12th. Whenever it comes to the world of helping the students in terms of homework and clearing the doubts and providing them with textbook solutions, this application is always considered to be top-notch. The application also comes with the best quality sample papers and mock tests along with easy revision notes for classes 6-12. The students of sixth class CBSE can also prepare for competitive exams and national Olympiads very easily with the help of this application.

 -My CBSE guide: This particular education application provides all the features which a CBSE student needs throughout their academic career. This application has several kinds of mock tests and sample papers along with video lessons and chapter wise questions as well as NCERT solutions for class 6 maths which are very much beneficial for the students of CBSE class sixth. One of the greatest features of this particular application is that it comes with several kinds of quizzes for the students with which they can play with their friends and can make sure that learning will always be based upon gamified solutions. Learning things through such kinds of techniques is considered to be one of the best possible ways of clearing their concepts in the minds of children. This particular application is one of the top-notch applications in India for any kind of student.

 -Vedantu: This application is one of the largest tutoring solution companies in India and is started by 3 IITians and friends who further help in making sure that best quality education is provided to all the students with the help of best in industry teachers. This application is of top-notch quality and always makes sure that the best quality teachers are available for the students who provide the best class 6 math solution. It comes with the feature of the individual as well as group classes and is very much interactive for the students as well as teachers because it provides two-way audio and whiteboarding tools where the teachers and students will be able to listen and interact with each other in real-time. The application provides online classes for CBSE class sixth students and also provides them with the complete option of several kinds of co-curricular courses.

 -Learnflix: This application is very well utilized by the students and it always makes sure that all the concepts are learnt, revised, practised and assessed. The best feature of this application is that it always follows a step-by-step approach in which learning is reinforced very well and it is very much successful in improving the long-term memory of the child. The application also includes several kinds of engaging animated videos because of which it has become the favourite application of all the students. It also provides personalised learning journey for the students through which they can clear all their concepts very easily and will always have a friend as well as guide in the form of application. Whenever the students learn concepts from Learnflix, they will always ensure enhanced learning and performance in the class which will ultimately bring improved results. The best benefit of this application is that it provides the best quality of education without pinching the pocket of the parents.

 – Doubtnut: This application is a very good education based application and which is based on a very unique concept. It provides the people with the complete option of clearing all the doubts by clicking the picture and uploading it. Within a few seconds, people will get video solutions to this particular question. This application comes with best quality mathematics courses for CBSE class sixth and also includes the books as well as PDFs. This application is considered to be the best in the form of solving all the doubts and make sure that exam preparation is perfectly done.

 CBSE sixth class maths textbook solutions are also very well provided by these kinds of applications which further make sure that all the doubts in the minds of students are cleared very well and they can improve their academic performance very easily.