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Best Method to Monitor a Device with Phone Number

Best Method to Monitor a Device with Phone Number

With the advancement in technology, we have seen various applications to track devices. However, most of them are useless as they fail to deliver the performance. It forces you to find an effective method to monitor a device with a phone number.

Additionally, most of the solutions require technical knowledge and multiple access to track a device. We considered all these factors and found a way to monitor any smartphone without any technical knowledge. The best part about this method is- It works without performing a root or jailbreak. 

It means you can finally trust an application to monitor multiple devices without taking any privacy risk. So, let’s start and discuss the things that you need to scan a device. 

  Requirements to Monitor a Device

Monitoring a device with a phone number does not need to be a challenging task. All you need is to use an effective solution. In this method, you can track any device with a phone number with: 

  • Phone Monitoring Platform

You need a phone monitoring platform to verify the device with an online account. These applications can get complete access to any device so that you can easily track its activities. However, you need to choose the right application for the work. You can read this full post there to know more about how phone monitoring applications work.

  • Access to targeted Device

To monitor a device, you need direct or indirect access to it. If you want to monitor an Android device, you need to install a mini setup on the device. However, if you’re going to monitor an iPhone, you need its indirect access. It means that you need to enter the iCloud credentials of the iPhone to monitor it.  

  • A web browser

Most phone monitoring applications focus on the security of their users. Hence, all of their solutions are web-based. That is why you need a web browser to create your account and monitor the targeted device’s activities. 

Here is the best phone monitoring application that you can use to monitor a device with a phone number. 


As we mentioned earlier, Spyine is one of the most useful phone monitoring solutions for beginners and experts as well. Spyine’s website comes with a simple yet attractive layout that helps you with the whole process. More than a million users prefer this application because it does not require a rooted or jailbroken targeted device.

It means that you do not need to mess with the security of your loved one’s smartphone. With this application, you can check their messages, location, call logs, and much more. However, it depends on your requirements, and you can check all of it with a single tap. 

Publishers like Techtimes, CNET, and Forbes have mentioned this application to monitor a device remotely. Hence, you can trust its solution for complete phone access. Additionally, you can check a demo on its website to understand how this platform works. 

Is it Safe to use Spyine?

With thousands of spam applications on the internet, it is obvious to doubt a new application. However, Spyine has been there for many years, providing its services to its customers. Additionally, this platform’s whole process is encrypted with private keys to ensure its user data privacy. 

Hence, you can trust it to monitor any device remotely. Another reason to trust this website is its money-back guarantee. You get a 60-day money-back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with its services. 

How to Monitor a Device With Spyine

As we mentioned in the requirements section, you can easily monitor any device with a phone monitoring application like Spyine. Follow these easy steps to do it without taking someone’s help:

  • Create An Account

The first step includes registering on the platform for a free account. All you need is to visit its website and get an account by entering your details. You can verify your email address to reset your password in the future. Additionally, there are different subscription plans to help you get the most out of this application.

After subscribing to a membership, you will receive a confirmation mail at your email address. Upon successful registration, move to the next step.

  • Verify The Device (that you want to monitor)

The next is to verify the device with your online Spyine account. Please know that you may need to access the android device once to verify it. Here is how you can do it:

For Android: To verify any android device, download and install a setup on the device. You can get this setup from the installation guide of the website. After installing the software, follow the in-app instructions to give complete access to the device. 

For iPhone: To verify an iPhone device, you can use the iCloud credentials of the device you want to monitor. It works by giving remote access to the platform to monitor that device.

In both the above processes, the application will take a few minutes to verify the device. After it is completed, move to the next step.

  • Use the Advanced Tools To Monitor

Login back to your Spyine account and click on the dashboard. There you will find all the tools to track the targeted device. The best way to track it with a phone number is by using the SIM tracking feature. It will show the real-time location of the phone number of the device. That way, you do not need to use any complicated method to do it. 

Tip: Follow the same instructions and choose relevant tools to view the messages, call logs, or browsing history of the device.

Final Words

Having someone’s phone number is enough to track their activities. All you need is the right monitoring application to do it. Spyine is an excellent solution to track any device without letting the person know about it.

Additionally, it is a safe method as there is no root or jailbreak involved. Hence, you can trust this solution and start monitoring as many devices as you want.

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