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How Can I Estimate the Cost of a New Solar Energy System Installation?

How Can I Estimate the Cost of a New Solar Energy System Installation?

The Texas solar industry is growing every day, as the state hosts 17 solar facilities producing energy for thousands of homes. More and more homes are taking up solar to save on their energy bills.

With that said, installing solar is no small project. Many are wary of installing solar since it might put a real dent in their bank account.

This begs the question, how much does a solar energy system cost? How much should you expect to pay?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about how much it costs to install solar energy systems.

What Goes Into Solar Panel Costs?

Solar panel installation costs about $18,000 on average, but that number probably won’t apply directly to your home. There are so many factors that affect each homeowner’s solar energy installation costs.

These factors could be your electric bill, the number of incentives offered at your state, the amount of sunlight you typically get, or even the types of panels you choose. Let’s break each of these factors down here:

Electric Bill

Looking at your monthly electric bill before installing your solar energy system is important for getting the right amount of energy. After all, you don’t want to install panels that produce more power than you need.

Estimating how much your panels can offset your monthly utility rates will give you an idea of how big your panels need to be. It’ll also help you decide which types of panels are right for you.

You should talk to a contractor if you want an accurate solar quote. We recommend https://blueravensolar.com/texas/ for Texas residents.


Do you live in a particularly sunny area or have a spot in your home that gets less shade and more sun? Then you might not need as many panels installed on your roof.

The amount of sunlight you get on an everyday basis informs the number of panels you’ll need and how much energy you can expect to generate each day.


Incentives are an important part of calculating your solar energy expenses. The more financial incentives your state and utility company offer, the lower your overall budget will be.

Find incentives that are applicable to your situation and take advantage. Texas has a handful of utility companies that offer rebates for solar installation. The federal tax credit service also helps offset costs.

Type of Panel

The type of solar panels you choose also affects your overall costs. There are three types of panels commercially available: grid-tie, grid-tie with storage, and off-grid.

The two grid-tie panels are designed to save you money on your utility bills by channeling unused energy to your utility grid. That way you generate your own solar energy but can use your utility provider when needed.

The other grid-tie panel has a battery attached that lets you store excess energy to a battery for future use as well as being connected to your utility lines. This means you have backup power whenever there’s a big outage.

Off-grid panels aren’t connected to any utility lines and work solely off of a rechargeable battery. This means you’ll rely on the battery whenever you’re using power at night or during cloudy days.

Different panels require different configurations and extra tech, like the extra batteries needed for the off-grid panels. This will affect your end costs, so those looking for cheaper options might have to opt for the grid-tie panels.

Installing a Solar Energy System

Getting hooked up with a solar energy system will do wonders for your monthly utility bills. Use this article to help you understand what you’ll be paying for during the initial installation.

For more informative articles on home improvement and technology, check out the rest of our site!

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