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Six Little Known Reasons Why Your  Faucets Have Lukewarm Water.

Six Little Known Reasons Why Your Faucets Have Lukewarm Water.

Have you experienced your water being lukewarm or not as hot as it usually is? Most likely, it has affected your dishwasher and washing machine too. Don’t ignore that sudden water temperature change is a reason to have your water and heating systems checked. Let’s check out the reason why your water is lukewarm and not hot.

Your Breaker Has Tripped.

Only electric heaters have this problem. If you experience your water temperature going down, check the electric connection and put the breaker on. As same day trades recommend, give your heater time to heat up to your preferred temperature. However, if the problem persists, same-day trades recommend you call a professional because it could be either your heater has a problem or the electric system.

Your thermostat setting

When did you last inspect your thermostat? It is responsible for regulating the water temperature and may have been set at a lower setting. On the other hand, if the setting is still in place, the thermostat may need replacing by a plumber from perth. Remember to replace both thermostats at the same time.

Buildup of minerals

Some water sources have high quantities of minerals such as magnesium, fluoride and calcium. As the water flows into your heating tank, these minerals build up and eventually affect the heating element causing the water not to be heated effectively. Same day trades recommends you to have your tank flushed out regularly to remove any mineral buildup. Consider installing a water softener for the whole house to avoid recurrence of this problem.

 Elements are faulty

Hot water tanks have elements that come as a pair. If one of them fails, then your water will be lukewarm since the remaining one will not work effectively for the whole tank. In such a case, one or both of the elements can be repaired or replaced.

Dip tube

Water is pumped into the water heater through a dip tube, which takes the cold water to the bottom. When it is damaged, it will let out a large amount which will not have been appropriately warmed when it gets back to the faucets. Your water will be lukewarm and, at times, hot. Replacing or repairing the dip tube is recommended by same-day trades.

A worn-out water tank.

How old is your water heating tank? According to your home region, tank water heaters last for eight to twelve years. However, others can last less or more years. As the years pass, the tanks get old, and they will not warm water as efficiently as they did. Know the number of years your tank has served you and shop for a new one that is efficient and an energy saver.

Don’t ignore it if the temperature of your water falls below what you are used to. It could be a faulty immersion rod, a buildup of minerals, a failed element and tripped breaker. Your tank could also be worn out and needs an overhaul. Whatever has caused Luke warm water in your home is manageable, and same-day trades recommend repairing or replacing any gadgets to avoid further damage.

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