Smart Tvs: What Do You Need To Know?

Smart TVs have been a huge part of every household. We all need it for entertainment and relaxation. Before buying this TV, we need to consider picture quality, size, display, design, audio, connectivity, and many more. The advantage of smart tv has bought a new dimension of video experience.

This article has mentioned some important facts that you should consider before shopping for a tv.

Do I need an internet connection on operating Smart TVs?

Yes, if your tv supports cables or dishes, you can watch movies on normal TV but unless you don’t have any of these things you need an internet connection to watch your favorite channels. Wi-Fi is there everywhere; normally people are much dependent on the internet. If you don’t have one, you’re smart tv will be useless. So you need an internet connection to access it.

Can I download more apps?

Yes, you can. LED TV is designed in terms of smart connections. It is just like your android phone. It has come up with a play store where you can easily download your favorite application and manage your favorite content as well. Also, one more advantage of smart tv is, it has integrated with some installed applications as well.

Can I connect my phone to Smart TV?

Of course. Not only your phone, but you can also connect your laptop, tablet by using an HDMI cable. This is a wired connection. If you go for wireless means, you can install mirror caste to access any other device with your TVs.

Which screen size is better to watch high definition?

My answer is big TV size because imagine you are watching a movie on your tablet or phone, you don’t feel much into picture quality. But what if you watch the same content on big TV sizes? Good right? It will give you the best viewing experience and brightness. If you go for a smaller size, you will definitely regret it. But a small amount of money won’t bring you a big TV size for sure, if you are ready to invest more in a large size, it will be better.

Keeping all these considerations, picking new TV is actually a daunting task. We might get tempted by seeing ads on the internet by high brands, but not noticing all these things. However it is important to note that we should need to know some facts while making decisions. I hope this information helps in understanding the major facts about these Android TVs.