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Top Tips To Stress-Free Moving

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Moving house doesn’t have to be as stressful or overwhelming as many people think. Most keep postponing the moving date for no apparent reason, not until they do not have a choice. With proper planning, moving can be an easy and enjoyable experience. You only need to start preparing for the move early, and everything will fall in place. Here are a few tips on how to make moving a breeze. 

  1. Declutter: Most people have a habit of holding onto items they no longer need or use. Create time to go through all the items in your possession, then decide on which to keep and those to give away or donate. Decluttering can make packing and moving much easier.  
  2. Look for good quality packing materials: Card boxes come in handy, especially when looking to transport your items safely. Find gaylord boxes for sale here. Shopping for good packing materials in advance and using them for the appropriate purpose can make your work more manageable. Be sure to pack heavy items, e.g., books, chinaware, etc., in small boxes for easier handling. You’ll also need parcel tape to secure these boxes from collapsing under the weight. 
  3. Take advantage of bubble wraps: Bubble wraps make transporting delicate and fragile items easier and safer. Consider ordering these wraps (online or in stores) early enough. If unable to secure these, then towels and clothes can do the job just as well. Remember to label all boxes with fragile items or use fragile tape as well. 
  4. Label all boxes: Label all boxes accordingly for easier unpacking and to prevent stacking those with fragile items. Consider labeling all sides for easy identification. 
  5. Buy around 6 boxes in a different color: Use the colored boxes to keep your immediate essentials. These may include medication, everyday toiletries, paperwork, and beddings. This will make it easier to find these items when unpacking at the new house
  6. Write a checklist of services you need re-directed:  Make sure your mail and parcels are delivered to the right address by changing/re-directing your mail. Make a checklist of all services that might require re-directing to avoid confusion.
  7. Invest in zip-lock sandwich bags: These can be handy in holding small and easy-to-lose items. Use the zip-lock bags to keep screws, small pieces of furniture, and other valuables securely. Remember to tape the bag securely once done. 
  8. Take pictures of your shelving arrangement:  Do you like the style and arrangement of the current house? Take photos of your arrangement to replicate in the new house. Your camera phone should get the job done. 
  9. Hire the experts:  Planning for a move isn’t easy. Hiring professional movers can make the whole moving experience a breeze and stress-free. While some movers may offer to unpack and organize the new house, you can achieve even better results by hiring a professional organizer or interior designer. Most removalists are, however, trained and experienced in this, and can help pack, move, and unpack your items with reduced risk of damage. Be sure to consult them first before requesting the extra service. Some removalists charge a small packing and unpacking fee.

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