3 Benefits of Portable Cold Therapy Units for Injury Relief!

3 Benefits of Portable Cold Therapy Units for Injury Relief!

Cryotherapy, or “cold therapy,” is a method in which the body gets exposed for several minutes to freezing temperatures.

Cold therapy may be delivered to only one body area, or it’s possible to choose whole-body cold therapy. Localized cryotherapy may be administered in numerous ways, including through ice massage, ice packs, ice baths, coolant sprays, and probes administered into tissue.

The theory for WBC (whole-body cryotherapy) is that by immersing your body for several minutes in icy air, you might obtain numerous health benefits. The person will stand inside an enclosed chamber or compact enclosure surrounding their body, but it features an opening for the top. This enclosure dips to between negative 200 to 300-degrees Fahrenheit. They will remain in the super-low temperature air from 2 – 4 minutes.

It’s possible to gain benefits from just a single cryotherapy session, yet it is more effective when used regularly, click here to learn more about it. Some professional athletes use cold therapy two times per day. Other athletes go daily for ten days, then one time per month afterward.

What are the benefits of cold therapy?

  1. Decreases migraine symptoms: Cold therapy may assist in treating migraines by numbing and cooling nerves in the neck region. The research discovered that putting on a neck wrap that contains two ice packs to the neck’s carotid arteries substantially decreases migraine pain in the ones who were tested.
  1. Numb irritation in the nerves: Many athletes have been using cold therapy in the treatment of injuries for years, and one reason is that it’s able to numb the pain. The cold actually can numb irritated nerves. Physicians treat the impacted region using a tiny probe inserted within the adjacent tissue. This might assist in treating neuromas or pinched nerves, acute injuries, or chronic pain.
  1. Decreases pain caused by arthritis: Localized cold therapy treatment is not the only efficient method of treating severe conditions; research discovered that whole-body cold therapy substantially decreased pain in arthritis sufferers. They found that the procedure was well-tolerated. Also, it enabled more aggressive occupational therapy and physiotherapy as a result. Ultimately, it made rehab programs more effective.

In addition to the three benefits listed above, cold therapy also helps with atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions; it may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, might assist in treating low-risk tumors, and helps to treat mood disorders.

The Polar Care Kodiak for Injury Relief

One such portable cold therapy unit for injury relief is the Polar Care Kodiak, an easy-to-use design, making it an excellent option for use in the hospital or at home. The Polar Care Kodiak unit’s high flow rates ensure an equal amount of temperature distribution, while its small size enables easy travel. Simply fill the Polar Care Kodiak with water and ice, and appreciate eight to ten hours of cold, motorized therapy. The Polar Care Kodiak is the ideal therapy along with any of the Kodiak Intelli-Flo wraps for the hip, ankle, shoulder, or knee. Also available with the Polar Care Kodiak is the Kodiak Battery Pack for extra on-the-run portability.


There’s an abundance of anecdotal proof and some studies that support the claims that cold therapy may provide health benefits, yet whole-body cold therapy is still being studied. Because of ongoing research, it’s best to consult your healthcare provider or doctor to evaluate whether this treatment is good for you.

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