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4 Metrics To Measure The B2B Content Marketing In 2020

4 Metrics To Measure The B2B Content Marketing In 2020

In the digital world, content serves more importance in business growth compared to other elements. This is the reason why every industry is hiring competent content marketers to take the business to the right place. If you see the B2B industry, you will get to know many things that are not visible in any other online b2b marketplace. B2B content marketing is all about success and growth.

Many B2B companies never know how their content is performing. Are you also in the same boat?

According to research, more than 80% of marketers report the success of any business using B2B content marketing. This shows the importance of the approach in the digital world. If you also note the total estimates, then you will know that the drop is also because not all marketers can measure the ROI of their campaigns. That is also natural.

Here is how you can measure the ROI of B2B content marketing. It will definitely help you in deciding if the approach is following the right path.

Effective Metrics To Measure ROI Of B2B Content Marketing

1.      Social Media

Even you have to rely on two different ways to measure social media performance. Moreover, you can notice real-time traffic generation as well.

The second is to check the mentions and awareness of your campaigns on social media. You can get hold of different tools that can track ROI for you, including the brand sentiment. This will let you know the overall engagement and reach on your social media posts.

You can simply monitor the performance of every social media platform using these methods. It will allow you to seek many other options that can be a success point in marketing.

2.      Conversion Rate

Another most important way to measure the performance of your B2B content marketing is conversion rate. Often, marketers ask on The B2BMines that why conversion rate is necessary to monitor?

Well, this is one of the factors that tell you the rate of total viewers becoming your potential customers. To your business, viewing your site or blog page is not enough. You need to get the highest conversion to become successful in the digital world. Moreover, it is also not enough that users stick to your website for hours but don’t come back with a good response.

You can still check Google Analytics to get the results. It will provide you a comprehensive data about the performance of your landing pages. With “Google Conversion Rate” and “Goal Completion,” you can get an idea about the overall performance easily.

3.      E-mail Marketing

Among many B2B marketers, e-mail marketing is a popular approach. If you want to see your B2B content marketing performing well, then e-mail marketing is the right solution.

However, you have to stop yourself from sending hundreds of e-mails to prospects. It can be a turning point for you but in a downward direction. This only works if your target audience notices the campaign and gives you a better response.

It is also important to know that clicking on an e-mail does not give you a higher conversion rate. This way, e-mail marketing becomes crucial in terms of measuring performance, and you might get stuck. Still, it is one of the metrics to measure the ROI of your B2B content marketing.

You can rely on some useful tools that can help you in knowing the performance. These tools include MailChimp or Pardot.

4.      Employee Advocacy

Last but not least, employee advocacy is also popular among several B2B marketers on social media. In this way, you use your employees as brand ambassadors to talk about your business on social media.

Your employees are one of the sources to share your content on the overall platform. This lets the target audience to engage in the posts and consider them adequately.

There is one way to measure employee advocacy – earned media value. It is not simple to calculate. The earned media value is the combination of many elements like employees who share the content, number of likes, number of shares, number of clicks, and clicks per post.

You can use the Estimated Earned Media Value (EMMV) to get the desired results. Moreover, Smarp is also an amazing tool to analyze the employee advocacy campaign and get the results for you.

Final Words

B2B content marketing is not a dream. You have to work a little more to achieve success. It requires a lot of things so that the target audience may know the value of your content. These metrics are a few ways to get to know about the performance of your ROI.

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