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Best Streaming Platforms for Kids and Adults

Best Streaming Platforms for Kids and Adults

Since 2018, the trend of streaming services has only risen. Today, it is estimated that more than 62 percent of U.S. citizens have subscribed to at least one streaming service, and almost 74 million U.S. citizens are paid Netflix subscribers. Multiple studies show that the inclination towards this bandwagon is going to exponentially increase in the next few years.

The reasons are simple: ease and convenience, power over the content you consume and when you consume it, and the increased prices of traditional cable TV. The majority of the people had cut the cord and switched to streaming platforms on account of high cable prices. If you want to have a cable subscription on the side or want to just continue with your traditional cable TV, no one is going to judge you.

But if you love to watch your favorite releases and content on streaming services with satellite internet, what would you do. You can simply subscribe to HughesNet internet with limited data caps but optimal performance. Don’t worry you can utilize the Bonus Zone Data from 2am to 8am to get additional data limits. But if you are facing any issue, you can contact HughesNet servicio al cliente en español for repair order inquiry, on-call assistance, or live chat for support.

Moving forward, we have a list of streaming services that should be on your list for the best content. Don’t worry, it won’t be too long and will be suitable for kids and adults as well. Let’s take a look at it.


This is the platform that established the demand for video-on-demand in the country. It has the largest customer base and offers thousands of original as well as licensed productions. It comes with a free 30-day trial, and trust me when I say, no one goes back after the trial; it is that good. Unlike cable TV subscriptions, you can watch Netflix Originals, documentaries, TVshows, and much more. One of the pioneers in streaming service, Netflix is undoubtedly the best platform for satellite internet users and cord-cutters.


With more than 70,000 television episodes, Hulu is credited to have one of the biggest collections of titles. From most celebrated animated content like Rick and Morty to television classics like The Golden Classics – Hulu has housed a wide variety of licensed shows. Hulu’s original content like The Handmaid’s Tale is also top-of-the-line and likewise loved by the audience and the critics. It also benefits you with a free 30-day trial.

Amazon Prime Video

With original shows like Jack Ryan and The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel, Amazon Prime Video has become one of the most loved streaming platforms. For existing members of Amazon Prime, access to Prime Video is entirely free of charge. Furthermore, its library is filled with classic shows like The Sopranos and viewers’ choice shows like Suits, Scrubs, and House. Amazon Prime Video also offers a 30-day trial without charging you anything.


If you are like me and want to subscribe to a service that has all the classic TV shows, then this is the platform for you. From Friends to Game of Thrones, from The Big Bang Theory to Euphoria – HBO Max has it all. I like to call it a powerhouse that is sufficient for the entire family. If you are a hardcore binge-watcher, HBO Max is the best platform to subscribe to.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is so sure of its content that it only offers a free 7-day trial and it certainly is enough to make up your mind. Apart from Disney-owned content, it also has content from Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, Twentieth Century Fox, and National Geographic. When subscribing to Disney Plus, there is an added advantage to bundle it up with ESPN and Hulu for just 12.99 USD monthly. Without worrying about what’s being offered on Disney Plus, the platform is suitable for everyone including adults, teens, and kids.

Summing Up

When it comes to picking the best streaming platforms, most people find it challenging. But if you look and analyze them, you will find that every platform has its pros and cons that distinguish it from the rest. The aforementioned streaming platforms are the best ones and if you love to watch live channels, go for FuboTV, or YouTube TV.

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