Sport News: Major Sporting Events 2021

Since the beginning of early days, Sports have taken a significant place in our life. It has become an immense source of fitness, fun, entertainment, and profession to a varying degree to individuals. People all around the world follow the sports news to keep themselves updated about the upcoming events and follow the latest information about their favorite sports or […]

10 of the Best Online Poker Players

Online poker is a phenomenon that keeps on growing. Recent statistics suggest there are over 100 million people around the world who enjoy playing poker online. These range from those who play for pennies and those that invest huge sums of money to enter tournaments with life-changing prizes on offer. Poker is one of many games that has enjoyed a […]

Shows Which States’ Lottery Is Legal In India

There’s no nationwide ban on lotteries in India. Nonetheless, thirteen states allow gambling in the country. The legality of gambling in India is based on a central law called ‘the Lotteries Regulation Act, 1998.’ According to the law, the State may conduct, promote, or organize a lottery if 11 conditions are followed. Nevertheless, in 2015 the Supreme Court of India […]