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Speed Express: Amazing Indian Bowlers Of All Time

India isn’t usually known for producing fast bowlers when it comes to cricket players. In fact, they have made some very good fast bowlers over the years, and the players on this list are the best of the best.These are the ten fastest bowlers from India according to cricket latest news:

  • Ashish Nehra

Ashish Nehra was a very dangerous bowler, especially when he was playing in a foreign country because of his speed, swing, and left-arm line of delivery. His fastest delivery speed on record was 149.7 kilometres per hour, so he’s also not slow.

Even though he only played in 17 tests, he played in 164 international games in all three forms. Nehra took 235 wickets, with 6/23 being his best performance in an ODI.

  • Ajit Agarkar

Even though Ajit Agarkar’s century against England stands out, most people remember him for other things he did on the field. With swing and seam, he was able to consistently bowl faster than 145 km/h.

Agarkar only played in 26 tests, but he took 288 wickets in 191 one-day internationals, with a best of 6 for 42.

  • Mohammad Nissar

Mohammad Nissar was one of India’s best cricket players. He is often thought of as the country’s first fast bowler. Between 1932 and 1936, he only played in six tests, but this was during a time when there were far fewer international matches.

When he first played, he had an impact right away. In his second over, he took two wickets. Nissar averaged 28.28 yards per game over the six games, but his speed is unknown. He killed 25 people.

  • Varun Aaron

Varun Aaron is a modern fast bowler who can throw his ball at speeds of up to 150 kph. He has only played in 18 international games for India, which isn’t a lot considering how good the other teams are.

Aaron has bowled in 18 games and has taken 29 wickets. His best ODI stats are 3/24.

  • Zaheer Khan

Ashish Nehra and Zaheer Khan both bowled well, but Zaheer Khan was much more reliable, so he got to play in more games. In fact, he played in almost 300 international games and took 610 wickets during those games.

His best test score (7/87) was achieved with a delivery speed of 147 kph, which was the fastest speed ever recorded.

  • Irfan Pathan

It has been shown that Irfan Pathan is the fastest Indian bowler in history. In a match against Pakistan in 2007, he threw a ball that was timed at 153.7 kph.

Pathan had a lot of potential, but he was always up against tough competition for seam bowling spots during his career. Another left-handed batter, he only played in 29 tests, but he was picked for 144 Twenty20 matches. His best number of wickets taken in a test was 7/59, which gave him a total of 301.

  • Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev’s skills with the ball are often overlooked because he has so many other skills. Even though he wasn’t as fast as some of the best players for Australia and the West Indies in the 1980s, he was still pretty fast.

Kapil was also a great captain. He led India to victory in the 1983 World Cup final, which was his best hour as a captain.

  • Sreesanth

Sreesanth’s career was hurt by accusations and suspensions, which is too bad. I liked watching him play because he played with such style and passion.

In the end, it was nice that he was able to make things right. He could bowl as fast as about 145kph, which he used to his advantage by getting rid of 169 players at the international level with his best figures of 6/55 in an ODI.

  • R P Singh

At his best, RP Singh’s fastest deliveries could go as fast as 147 kph. Even though he slowed down as his career went on, he did a good job for India from 2005 to 2011.

Singh played in 14 tests and 58 ODIs over the course of six years. He took 5 wickets and gave up 59 runs in his best test.

  • Venkatesh Prasad

Today, Venkatesh Prasad is a medium pacer, but back in his day, he was one of the fastest Indian bowlers with speeds of over 120kph. It’s a hint that the team wants to focus more on spin than on speed.

He did better in One-Day Internationals, in which he played 161 games and took 196 wickets. Because of those shows, he makes it on this list. Even though Venkatesh Prasad wasn’t the fastest or the best, when the odds were in his favour, he was quite quick.

  • Mohammed Shami

Mohammed Shami’s swing and seam impressed me when I saw him play in England last year, so I was surprised to learn that he can also bowl very quickly. In 2014, against Australia, Shami’s fastest recorded delivery was 153.3kph. This put him in second place on the all-time list, behind only Irfan Pathan.

Shami has still taken 370 wickets in international play, even though he is slowing down.

  • Ishant Sharma

Even though India has moved on to new ways of playing cricket, Ishant Sharma is still young enough (34) to be thought of as a “current” cricketer. He used to bowl quite fast, and because he is tall, his balls would bounce hard.

In a match against Australia in 2008, his fastest delivery was timed at 152.6 kph. Ishant might not be able to run as fast as he did before, but I still think he has a chance to do well in all three forms.

  • Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah’s unusual run-up and quick, slingy movements make it no surprise that he can bowl at high speeds. In a 2018 game against Australia, he threw the ball the fastest, at 153.26kph.

At the time this was written, Bumrah was 28 years old, so he still has time to improve how fast he bowls. In 156 international games, he has taken 303 wickets, with a best test score of 7/27.

  • Umran Malik

Umran Malik has a chance to become India’s fastest bowler in history if he does well for Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL in 2021. He can throw faster than 156 kilometres per hour, which is very impressive.

Malik got a spot on India’s Twenty20 team to play South Africa in 2022 because of how fast he was. When Umran Malik makes his debut in international cricket, he is likely to break the records for how fast an Indian player is.

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