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Top 9 Unwritten Rules of Poker

Playing any card game like Poker or Teen Patti becomes more interesting when you know the underlying etiquette and adopt smart strategies to energize the gaming vicinity and have fun. Every game comes with its own set of rules, but there are do’s and don’ts to prevent the gameplay from spoiling.

Not all rules you can find in the Poker rulebook; there are some unwritten rules that can help you strengthen the game. Here are the top 9 unwritten rules of Poker.

  1. Do Not Waste Time: Taking more time to decide simple things is not a good practice. Take more time only when you are supposed to make a tough decision. Wasting time takes overall more time to finish the game as the other players also have to wait. Pretending to think to waste time is often not the solution. When you have a good hand, you can spend time making a good poker sequence and not just show off.
  1. Act in Turn: When it’s your turn, you should make your move. Acting out of turn gives information to the other player, which is not necessary. That way, the whole hand could get spoiled. When the other player is thinking, do not take any action.
  1. Be Attentive: Look around and pay attention to what is going on. This helps you avoid acting out of turn. It is good to act while following the order of the game and save time for others too. Moreover, you can miss important information if you are not focused. Not paying attention is also considered rude and disrespectful to other players.
  1. Avoid Revealing your Holdings While Others are Playing: Do not declare your hand even when all the action is closed. Calling that you will fold should not be revealed in any case. Do not react to the flop after folding your hand, even though there is a chance for you to hit it and make a strong hand.
  1. Just Observe & Don’t Talk: If you talk to nearby friends or on the phone while others are playing means you lack Poker etiquette. Talking distracts other players and also gives them information that might harm your game. Also, avoid talking to players at the table as it confuses them while making a decision. Discussing anything pertaining to the game is never a good option.
  1. Do Not Show Your Hand: Do not discuss anything about your holding, even with those players who have already folded. It sounds like advising others or giving information. It also weakens the winning potential of your hand. Also, do not ask for any advice from the players or from any other person. Follow your own strategy without getting any outside help. You can be penalized or forced to fold as per the rules of the game applicable in that specific game.
  1. Respect the Dealer: The dealers have no control over the game. If someone wins or loses, it is not their fault. There might be a mistake on their part, but that does not mean they should be disrespected. You can request them not to make any mistakes again or talk to the floorman. Blaming the dealer is not at all acceptable.
  1. Avoid Angle Shooting: You should not use angle shooting as it is unethical to use it while playing Poker against inexperienced players. Tricking somebody else to get some information is not fair play, even when you play it with experienced ones.
  2. Call the Clock Only When Needed: Opponents need time to think. Calling the clock will not allow them to decide. Giving chances and respect to the other players when they require more time to think is one etiquette to keep in mind. You should tell the floorman to call the clock only when the opponent is taking too long.

Poker or Teen Patti can be played by whoever wants to play it. But minding the rules of the game is not always sufficient. There are these unwritten rules that make the game more authentic and trustworthy. Who likes interruptions and spoilers during a game? Nobody tells the players to follow these rules, but it is only a healthy practice to observe them in order to enjoy the Poker games to the fullest.

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