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How Can a Simple Lease Agreement Help You?

How Can a Simple Lease Agreement Help You?

A lease agreement is an agreement between two parties that enables a resource attributable to the owner to be used by one of those parties. For rental properties, lease agreements are usually used, but they are often used for car rentals, household appliances, construction equipment, and other items. 

A lease contract is a legal contract intended to cover both the asset leasing individual (‘lessee’) and the asset owner (‘lessor’). You may get any simple lease agreement at CocoSign for your needs. Cocosign is a reputed brand that is currently being used in 190 plus countries across the world to access free agreements and contracts as well as sign them online. 

It has been featured by major news outlets like Forbes, Tech Advisor, New York Times, etc for its excellent services. 

What is a Lease Agreement?

A simple lease agreement is a legal arrangement used where, in exchange for rent, a party transfers land or personal property to another party for a specified period. 

Both aspects of the lease contract are specified in the lease agreement so that each party knows his rights and responsibilities under the lease. Formal rental agreements are legally binding on all parties, and there are legal penalties for violation of the agreement or failure to comply with the terms of the agreement.

A fair example of the terms of the lease agreement involves rental land. When John rents David’s home, he signs a lease agreement detailing the location of the house, the amount of the monthly rent, the length of the lease, and any other party conditions, such as a pet ban. 

The lease is legally binding, because if John moves out early, even if he no longer lives there, he will be held liable to pay for the remaining term of the lease.

Terms commonly included in a lease agreement:

  • Duration-How long the lease contract is in place. 
  • Rent-the amount of rent to be charged per month to the landlord and the repercussions of failing to pay the agreed amount by the due date. 
  • Deposits-At the end of the contract, the sum of any deposits needed, and the intent of each deposit, and terms for returning any deposit. 
  • Occupancy- The maximum number of allowed occupants in the house. When referring to a vehicle, the individuals permitted to drive it may be identified. 
  • Terms of Use-The reason for which the property is to be used and other problems, such as unlawful acts performed on or rented from the property.
  • Services-Which utilities are included in the rent and which utilities are accountable for by the tenant. 
  • Insurance- If the lessee is expected to retain property insurance. In commercial rental deals, this is most commonly used. 
  • Repairs and Maintenance-The person responsible for the property’s repairs and maintenance.

Most Important Residential Lease Agreement Features

Some of the features of lease agreements are given below. You can read more important features of the Residential Lease Agreement at our CocoSign website:

Know What A Residential Agreement Is 

A significant piece of paper that explicitly outlines all the terms and conditions is a residential lease agreement between an owner and a tenant. Find out about the 3 most significant features of this form of agreement in a residential lease agreement. 

The agreement refers to the names and number of persons involved in the rental lease process, the tenant(s), and the owner. There may also be a guarantor who, even in the event of the occupant failing to pay, would guarantee on-time payment of the rent. 

Security deposits 

The sum of a security deposit also contributes to regular quarrels between tenants and owners in various circumstances. As an owner, by making the contract explicitly state the security deposit sum that has to be charged, on what date the deposit will be returned, the amount to be deducted from it, etc., you can prevent all such issues in the future. Maintenance service.

Add maintenance and repair Duties 

The rental lease agreement or contract should also very specifically distinguish the repair and maintenance duties. The occupant is responsible for keeping the rental property tidy and clean, without harming anything. If there is some damage, he or she must pay to repair the damage associated with it. 

Tenants should inform the owner of the property damage and request that repairs be carried out, thereby promising to pay for the repair costs. As the owner, without your permission or knowledge, you should properly state in the contract any limitations on renovation or decoration that you have for your house.

Offer 100% Finance 

By offering 100 percent finance, leasing covers the full cost of the equipment used in the business. The lessee shall not have any margin money or reimburse it as there is no down payment. In this way, capital or financial savings may be used for more useful uses, such as inventory purchases.

The lease agreement may be tailor-made according to the convenience and specifications of all lessees about the lease duration and lease rentals.

Add Specialized services if any 

When it comes to a special form of the lease agreement, the lessee may make use of the lessor’s specialized services to maintain the leased properties. While higher rents for delivering such services are lower charges, leases see general operating costs, and service costs are reduced due to the lessor’s specialty care.


A lease agreement or a rental agreement is a critical legal document that should be completed before a landlord rents a tenant’s property. Although both agreements are similar, they are not the same, and recognizing the differences is essential. 

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